10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters That No One Hates At All

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never failed us to give a good cinematic experience. Each movie is filled with fan-favorite moments ranging from fights to jokes to entrances. Each of these good moments is so memorable because of the characters involved in these scenes too. The characters are executed so brilliantly by the actors that not only deliver great performances but convincingly portray these characters. Sometimes it’s almost unbelievable to think of some other actor or actress portraying these characters. While this level of performance makes the villains absolutely hateful but at the same time, some of the heroes become absolutely beloved. Here is a look at the top 10 MCU characters that no one hates.

James “Rhodey” Rhodes

James Rhodes has always been a primary moral support for Iron Man. He was often responsible for some of Stark’s behavioral changes. Rhodey would end up being one of the most essential parts of Iron Man’s team during the Civil War. Often his words with Stark become some of the most fan-favorite moments in the movies. He also proved his worth when without his suit during the events of Iron Man 3.



Thor has had some of the best character development in the MCU movies. The childish mannerism of being unaware of earthly behavior has often made him an interesting character. The first two movies showed us a side of him that is driven by the idea of being worthy of wielding the hammer. But the third movie in the sole venture of the character took us somewhere we would never expect. Here he had to prove his worth without the hammer as a God of Thunder and he does that. Post blip he gives up on himself and then he brings himself back to his state during the final battle in Endgame.



Characters That No One Hates

Drax is a part of a group that has to be one of the most enjoyable mashups of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His tragic background could have made him something else entirely. But being part of a group like the Guardians of the Galaxy has had him changed his ways as now he opts for different means to avenge. Some of the best moments in Infinity War are due to his character only. Dave Bautista nails a character that has a very different interpretation in the comics.


Mobius M. Mobius

Owen Wilson is one of the most likable actors in Hollywood. His portrayal of Mobius M. Mobius was one of the most likable things in the Loki series. He was the perfect choice for a character that can keep up with Loki’s antics. He knew the consequences of what he was doing and he kept going by his ways. This makes him even more likable considering being unaware of the entire functioning of TVA he took a chance and trusted Loki. Here’s to hoping Mobius gets to fulfill his dream of learning to ride a jet ski.


Ned Leeds

We know we all wanted to be Spider-Man at some stage in our life but we probably ended up being some version of Ned Leeds. Ned Leeds is one of the best friends in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He helps Peter deal with his everyday life while things normalize. The essential part of this movie is the fact that he also provides humor to the movie. There are plans about his character in the future of the MCU. But so far the excitement is enough to keep us hooked to the character as his reactions are no less than us.


Yelena Belova

Black Widow’s sister (in a way!) holds no punches back in talking about things. There are moments in the Black Widow film, where we actually enjoyed Yelena Belova more than other characters. We are gonna see a lot of her in some of the upcoming projects as was hinted at by the ending of the movie. A potential one on one with Hawkeye is supposed to take place based in the Hawkeye series that is going to come out around the end of the year.



Characters That No One Hates

Mantis is another one of the exciting characters that we have acquired from one of our favorite teams, Guardians of the Galaxy. We were first introduced to her in the sequel to the James Gunn helmed movies. This character is the nicest character amongst the group. She appears as a nice person and has a childlike innocence similar to most of the other characters in the movie.



Shuri is the much smarter and technologically advanced sister of T’Challa. She stays aware of the pop culture stuff and works upon them. She is a bit more forward than the other Wakandan people. This is something that is not readily accepted by the people around her. She played a key role in the movie as she updates T’Challa’s suit. There is a massive possibility that she might end up taking the role of Black Panther in the upcoming sequel which has fans sufficiently excited.


Peter Parker

Peter Parker is the most relatable character ever. Other than his superhero-related problems his real world issues are something we can connect to the most. Tom Holland’s version of the wall-crawler is something that we haven’t seen before as he appears to be age-accurate. At the same time, his version is a fresh look at the environment of the character. Here’s to hoping we get to see a lot more of this character in the MCU.

Scott Lang

Scott Lang is easily the funniest amongst the Avengers. He was the one responsible for bringing back the team together so that they can take an action in Endgame. Similarly, there is his charm and knack of learning quirky things. His quirk is easily one of his biggest enjoyable parts as Ant-man.

So these are the MCU Characters That No One Hates at all. Which others should be added to this list? Let us know.

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