Will Sprite Return in Eternals 2? Will She Continue To Have Her Powers?

With so many characters in its hand Eternals was still able to give a fair idea regarding these characters in the movie by giving them a proper setup. This is not easy considering the movie carried some major responsibilities other than just giving its story. Considering the movie had to establish one of the major mythologies behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was able to do that. Pushing in so many details together definitely affected the narrative of the movie with expositions playing a major part of the narrative. The movie leaves many plot holes in the MCU and leaves us wondering whether we will get proper answers to the questions we have. (SPOILER ALERT!!) One of the questions we have is – Will Sprite return in Eternals 2? And we were not given a clear idea of whether Sprite still has her abilities after she was turned into a human at the end of Eternals. 


Sprite’s character is somewhat similar to that of Pinocchio and this is used throughout the movie for the different characters. This works as a major way of creating narratives for so many characters as now we get to understand what would be a justified end to their story in the movie. Sprite is amongst the Eternals who had sided with Ikaris and intended to continue with the plans for the Emergence. While Ikaris ends up sacrificing himself by heading straight to the sun just like his mythological counterpart Icarus, Sprite gets a completely different treatment.



Will Sprite return in Eternals 2?

The Eternals weren’t able to age over the entirety of the 7,000 years over which they had lived on Earth. This was not an issue for the others while Lia McHugh’s Sprite was stuck in the body of a child for this entire time. She wished more than anything to experience a normal life and grow up. The desperation for this was the prime reason why Sprite sided with Ikaris and the others to continue the plans for the Emergence. Sprite does get a solution to this problem later.


Sprite Becomes A Human

In order to stop Tiamut, Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos designs a device called the Uni-Mind so that Barry Keoghan’s Druig could use it in order to channel the energies of all the Eternals and thus stop Tiamut from waking up. Druig is attacked and this leaves Sersi as the only person left to use the device. She uses the device to amplify her powers and stops Tiamut while we see his head emerging from the Indian Ocean. Sersi uses the remaining power that she has acquired to make Sprite a real human. This actually benefits the franchise as we go ahead.


Chloe Zhao’s Solution For Lia’s Aging

If Sprite remained in her robotic body, then she wouldn’t have aged and this would have required various means to keep the continuity of the character in the sequels. Lia McHugh has already grown taller 2 years after shooting Eternals. So while the actress would have aged, the movies would have required her to be digitally de-aged so that the idea of the character not aging is kept alive. Now that she is a human, the entire headache for this issue is removed and the actress can reprise her role in future movies i.e. if she actually does appear in the future projects. This is the same problem that DC’s Shazam! franchise is probably facing. So, it’ll be interesting to see how they counter it.


 The Sprite Plot Hole

Will Sprite return in Eternals 2?

Considering, Sprite is not an Eternal anymore there are still a lot of questions that are left surrounding her powers. There wasn’t any clear response on whether the actress lost her power once she was made into a human. It seems obvious that her powers came for her being an Eternal and once she is ridden of her cosmic status she will no longer wield her powers anymore. This could mean that she might not appear in future projects unless MCU finds a way of retconning her character.


We have already lost Don Lee’s Gilgamesh, Salma Hayek’s Ajak, and probably Richard Madden’s Ikaris and Sprite only adds to the list of Eternals we might not see again. But there is a major chance that Sersi was able to remove Sprite’s immortality without affecting her powers. This might give us a chance to see her come back along with the other Eternals. Whatever happens, we still have a chance to see her have a reunion with the rest of the Eternals on Earth. In fact, it will be criminal not to see her growing up even if she doesn’t have her powers.

What do you think? Will Sprite return in Eternals 2? Will she have her powers? Let us know in the comments.

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