10 Questions From Eternals That Fans Need Answers For

The Marvel Cinematic Universe had a completely different approach when it came to bringing the MCU gods to the screen. Eternals is clearly one of the most unique additions to the massive number of movies that we have seen in the franchise. The movie had to deal with the massive responsibility of bringing the origin story for the Eternals and at the same time associate with the MCU events. Plus setting up the future of the characters and the franchise too. Packing all these things together and bringing them into a single movie could be quite a challenge for both the audience and the creators. Let’s take a look at some of the questions from Eternals that are left hanging in our heads.

Why Didn’t Any Other MCU Character Acknowledge The Events Of Eternals?

The most essential event in the movie has to be Emergence which is a near-cataclysmic event that could destroy Earth. But it is rather surprising that even though Earth is inhabited by wizards, aliens, and droids, that no one seems to have stepped forward during these events. Earth itself is under protection with Doctor Strange but the character does not seem to be around during these events. It will actually be very interesting to see how this event is addressed by the other heroes of MCU.


Is Thena Cured All Of A Sudden?

One of the major plot points in the movie has to be Thena’s illness. Known as Mahd Wy’ry, the Eternal starts to lose memories because of her immortality and this leads to impulsive behavior. Ajak even states that this is a serious and incurable disease and we even see it come into action during confrontations with the Deviants. The effects only come to an end when she overcame them after killing Kro. But later the illness is hardly addressed as we see her join in with Druid and Makkari so that they could inform the other Eternals about the truth. This is a rather essential thing considering what might come to play as she steps foot on other planets with other Deviants.


How Will The Remaining Eternals Save Sersi & Others?

Questions From Eternals

We got a rather tragic ending with each half of the team heading in their own separate ways. We saw Kingo, Phastos, and Sersi remaining on Earth until they are taken by Arishem. While Thena, Druid, and Makkari were speared and they had decided to go to the Eternals around the galaxy and let them know about the truth. In a way, we do feel that a future project might focus on the latter half of the team trying to save the former with the orb as their only way to locate them. Even Starfox has joined with them to inform them about the capture will play a significant role in rescuing them.


Is Ikaris Actually Dead?

Fans were excited to see how Ikaris’s character plays out in the movie considering he was one of the only characters who had a well-developed arc. He became completely dedicated to fulfilling the emergence even if it meant complete annihilation for humankind. Ikaris intentionally betrayed Ajak and the team because he became certain that they would defy Arishem’s orders. Sersi and the other Eternals keep fighting to stop the plans from coming to fruition. This leads to a guilty Ikaris flying straight towards the sun much like his mythological counterpart. Even though it seems that he is dead, we can clearly wonder if MCU has some plans for the future of the character.


Will We Get To See More Eternals Join The MCU?

The movie did introduce us to a lot of Eternals with Starfox also appearing other than the ten the movie navigated with. But these are not all the Eternals from the comics and this was even mentioned in the movie with a reference to the fact that various other Eternals had a similar mission of the Emergence. We saw the Eternals on Earth find the truth and now they are headed for the other Eternals but does that mean that we will get to see a lot more of the Eternals now. It would make for a massive roster of superhero characters and it would be rather exciting to see these plans come together in the future of the MCU.


How Is Starfox’s Introduction Going To Impact The MCU?

As a complete surprise even though ardent fans had become aware of it, Harry Styles appears in the mid-credits sequence as Starfox along with Pip the Troll. The character has some relation to the history of the MCU with his brother being the primary antagonist of the Infinity Saga. It will be interesting to see how this character is dealt with considering Harry Styles has a multiple project deal with Marvel for the character. This is also an indication that we might get a chance to witness some of the histories of Thanos in terms of a flashback sequence.


When Is Dane Whitman Going To Become The Black Knight?

Questions From Eternals

Fans were excited that Kit Harrington has been cast in the role of Dane Whitman but he was not seen taking his avatar as Black Knight. The character only had a few scenes in the film that could almost be called a cameo. Even in this very small appearance, we did get a post-credits sequence featuring him that was a clear indication of his future in the franchise. It would be absolutely exciting to see him take on the role and stand next to the other heroes while at the same time dealing with the issues of the character.


How Will Arishem Conduct His Judgement?

Fans of the comics are well aware that the Celestial, Arishem created the Eternals, and now that his plans were foiled he will definitely make a move. But presently he seems to have spared Earth to conduct further judgment but he has taken Kingo, Phastos, and Sersi hostage to decide whether they can live. It would be interesting to see how he works out his decision and at the same time the impact this will have on the MCU.


What Does The Off-Screen Voice In Post-Credits Dane Whitman Scene Mean?

One of the rather exciting additions in the movie using the post-credits scene has to be the character of Blade. There is a Blade movie already in development and it was highly unexpected that we would get a chance to feel the presence of the character in the MCU so soon. The character only appears as a voice off-screen that actually ends up distracting Dane from a rather critical moment of his reveal of the Ebony Blade.


Is There Gonna Be An Eternals 2?

Last by not least stands the question of whether we will be getting a sequel to this movie because the movie has a questionable potential for a sequel. It has become the lowest-rated MCU movie with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 49%. While the critics have had a mixed reception the audience has reacted in a different way and that might actually be the saving grace for the movie. The credits ended with “The Eternals will return” but fans will have to wait and see if that actually ends up happening.

These were the questions from Eternals that people wanted answers for.

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