10 Actors Who Almost Quit Superhero Movies While Shooting

Superhero movies are no joke when it comes to the acting part. People think that it is an easier job since more of the CGI is involved, but it is rather more difficult as Actors have to go through various difficult aspects in order to shoot their scenes. Sometimes, the level of difficulty goes so high or becomes so intense that the actors are tempted to quit right then even after being under contract. Here is a list.

Michael Keaton – Batman 

“Acting in the Batman suit was no easy task for Keaton, who had never worn anything like it.”

Well, the super suits can sometimes become a hard thing to tackle on sets. Michael Keaton who was the first live action Batman (not counting Adam West) did not find it easy to act in the Bat costume. He could not turn his head properly and in order turn, he had to turn is chest as well and during the scenes involving chasing Jack Nicholson’s Joker around the toxic waste refinery, his head hit on several steel beams which almost made him quit the film, but he was persuaded against it.

Jessica Alba – Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four was labelled as a movie which was thin on the acting part, by the critics and Jessica Alba’s character was sort of the tip of the ice berg. Well Alba has always been sensitive about criticism, she admitted that the reason for her acting in the movie was the lines she was provided in the script, While Reed Richards got all the cool technical lines, Sue Storm had to just react to stuff that Richards said. In order to add more to her role, she even talked to the script writer and got in an argument that almost made her quit.

Ben Affleck – BvS Dawn of Justice

Even though Affleck’s casting was a bit controversial, he was still positive about the role. He tackled the Bat suit as well, but the problem came when he had to act in the Mech suit which he had to wear in the fight scene against Superman. Because all the action was not possible to shoot in the suit that restricted movement, Affleck had to wear the motion capture tights with tiny balls peppering his body. He was so frustrated with it that her threatened to walk off multiple times.

Hugo Weaving – Captain America

Weaving played the Red Skull in the first Captain America movies and is considered one of the best Villains in the MCU. While he was in his regular face for half the movie, he had to wear prosthetics for the scenes of Red Skull. The makeup proved to be really uncomfortable and Weaving was tempted to leave saying that any actor could be under the prosthetics but he was persuaded to stay.

Mickey Rourke – Iron Man 2

Well, people did not like Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash and there is a reason for it. The actor seemed to hardly even be trying and that was because he constantly disagreed with decisions regarding his character development and also threatened to leave many times but was not convinced not to with the promise that his character would have more depth. But still his best parts ended up on the floors of the editing room.

Jaime Alexander – Thor 2

Alexander played the valiant Lady Sif in two Thor movies and did most of her stunts on her own. Unfortunately, one of these stunts almost paralysed her and if things would have gone even more horribly wrong, she wold have been forced to quit. Shooting a scene, she lost her footing and fell down some wet stairs in the rain, herniated a disk in her Thoracic spine, dislocated her left shoulder, and chipped eleven vertebrae. Fortunately, she healed enough through physical therapy and finished shooting.

Tommy Lee Jones – Batman Forever

Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones’ fights are pretty known in Hollywood and it all began on the sets of Batman Forever. Jones was so irritated by Carrey’s guts and threatened to quit several times if his co-star didn’t stop upstaging him. He could not stand Carrey at all and agreed to shoot only if he would be guaranteed no interaction with Carrey off set.

Matthew Goode – Watchmen

Goode played the mighty Ozymandias in the Watchmen movie. He knew that he wasn’t the Ozymandias that the fans wanted as he read about that online and as a result, this revalation had a great impact on his character. His dialogue delivery and style became pretty vague as he wanted to quit believing that the audiences would not take him in the role.           

Michael Chiklis – Fantastic Four

Chiklis played The Thing in Fantastic Four. While in the comics, The Thing is able to become human size and grow stoney as and when he wants to, in the movie, he had to stay as The Thing the entire time. Practical effects were used on him instead of CGI, and Chicklis was put in a thick foam suit which caused heat strokes many times. The actor would have quit if his co-stars would not have convinced him to stay.

Erik Bana – Hulk

The first Hulk movie was a big step forward from the 20th century TV show. Erik Bana who played the Hulk was thrilled to play the character at first, but threatened to leave the movie multiple times while shooting his first motion capture scenes when he couldn’t give the creative team what they wanted.   

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