10 Things About Superman That Make Absolutely No Sense

Superman is called the Man of Tomorrow. He is also called the Man of Steel. He was, is and always will be. The Last Son of Krypton is the strongest superhero ever… or so we have been told. Superman is the very definition of God amongst Men. But like a literal God, he too has certain things about him that either make no sense or are too stupid to believe entirely.

10. Kryptonite

Obviously, someone as strong and absolute as Superman needs to have some form of weakness. Kryptonite is the radioactive chunk of his home planet that got irradiated with red sun energy from Krypton’s Star system after the planet was destroyed. But what irks us is Kryptonite does have different types with each having different types of effects on Clark Kent. Green gives him death, Silver gives him psychic powers, and pink makes him gay. How were different forms of Kryptonite produced from the same chunk of rock?!?!

9. His Time Turning

In Superman: The Movie, Superman flies around Earth in reverse to rewind time and save Lois Lane. In doing so, he has reversed time by ten minutes. But what hurts us is – Did Superman Rewind Earth’s time or the entire Universe’s? The latter is impossible, even for Superman. The former would mean that Earth is 10 minutes behind the entire universe and thus a space-time anomaly.

8. He is an Alien and still looks human

When you are born on a different planet, with a different atmosphere and climate to adapt to, you do not get to look like a human being. Try to believe in Superman as hard as you want to but it is just not possible that a planet millions of light years away from Earth has a sentient species that is anatomically equal to Homo sapiens. The probability for it is astronomically impossible. And then we have Superman who looks sounds and even thinks like a human being.

7. His Cape appears out of nowhere

One of the most iconic scenes that define Superman is the S emblem beneath Clark Kent’s shirt as he opens it up when disaster strikes. The scene was made famous by Christopher Reeves in the Superman movies and TV Show. One problem that arises is… how does Superman manage to hide the cape under his shirt? Clearly the cape is nowhere to be found when he unbuttons his shirt. So is the Cape magic?

6. Flying

When Superman first debuted, he couldn’t fly. What he did was jump from building to building like the Incredible Hulk, courtesy of his physique and anatomy being accustomed to Kryptonian gravity (which is a lot compared to Earth’s). The question that now arises is that why doesn’t Acclimatization take hold of Superman? His body would adapt to the new gravity and ‘acclimatize’ to it, leaving him without his super hopping powers. Even when that didn’t make any sense, the writers went and gave him the power of flight. Superman, who should be acclimatizing, is actually going the opposite way. In biological terms, it is impossible.

5. Earth’s Yellow Sun

Under Krypton’s Red Son, the residents of Krypton were normal sentient beings. Then after their planet was destroyed, their sole survivor was exposed to Earth’s Yellow sun and gained godlike powers. But how is it possible. Do Kryptonians come with inbuilt organic solar panels to store the energy? And if so then why don’t they have powers under a red sun? It is still solar energy that counts right? More importantly, if Kryptonians have organs that can store energy, then that is a massive evolutionary leap not found elsewhere on Earth.

4. Vulnerability to Doomsday

Doomsday is the result of a being killed and reanimated alive with body modifications to resist whatever killed him the last time, again and again. Doomsday is the result of a long and arduous genetic experiment. But it still does not explain how his bones are hard enough to cut through Superman’s skin when Superman is strong enough to break them with his bare hands.

3. Super Hearing in Outer Space

Scientific facts are thrown out of the Window when you talk about superheroes. But this is the 21st Century. Anything and everything is questioned. In Superman Returns, Clark Kent is floating in outer space when he hears the entire world speak. The noises weren’t directed at him, neither were they near him nor was Superman inside the atmosphere. Sound doesn’t travel in Vacuum so how did Superman hear those noises in Space??

2. Faster than Light Flight

The thing about light speed travel is – It isn’t possible. If a body has mass, it cannot travel at the speed of light. That is simple physics. Superman, though, has done it and done it again. One time he traveled from Pluto to Earth traveling with a speed roughly equal to 300 times the speed of light. One time, he traveled from the edge of the universe to earth in 60 days, which means he traveled with a speed of 174 Millions times the speed of light.

 1. Superman 2’s ending

The only word I have for the ending of the movie is wow. Not the good wow but just a dumbstruck wow. After a mostly solid story and good plot line where Kal-El fights Rogue Kryptonians, the ending just made the entire milk sour.  Inside the Fortress of Solitude, Superman shows he can teleport and uses his own emblem on his chest as a somewhat teleporting net. And if that wasn’t enough, the ridiculousness is taken up a notch when Superman is shown possessing the powers of Hypnosis, when he makes Lois forget everything that happened with just a kiss.

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