5 DC Characters Whose Lives Were Changed By Drugs

It goes without saying that doing drugs is not just bad but fatal, but still, there are a lot of DC characters in our comics who have taken drugs. Some making them really powerful, while some ruining their careers. Here is a list of 5 DC characters who have done drugs:


Batman is someone who has fought off the worst kind of street scum as well as the strongest of the aliens. Never giving into fear or any substance, there was a time when even the Caped Crusader came under the influence of drugs. This was when he couldn’t save a girl and went into remorse. A scientist offered a drug to him saying it would make him stronger, the drug was Venom and made go Bats out of control. He had to stay in the cave for a month after which he taught the scientist a lesson.


Okay, this one is surely going to mess with your head. On his Earth, Ultraman is the leader of the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of Superman, Ultraman there actually gets his powers from Kryptonite, that he snorts like drugs after vaporizing it with his heat vision.


In the prison, a drug is tested on him, called Venom. The drug nearly kills him but then makes him inhumanly strong. It comes with its toll too, The venom needs to be pumped into his brain every 12 hours. It’s not that without the mask Bane is powerless, but with it, he just is physically unbeatable.


Rex Tyler, or as we know him Hourman was someone who took a drug, Miraclo that made him have incredible powers for an hour. He did well with the drug but later became addicted to it. Once even his heart almost failed because of its usage and Dr. fate was needed to help him. His son Ric Tyler too took the drug during the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ storyline.

Roy Harper

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In an anti-drug campaign, this was done, that Speedy could be seen shooting drugs at his lair. Green Arrow finds this out and is devastated, he sure kicks him out of his place and team but later can be seen caring for the guy. This had a really bad effect on the character as his popularity went down tenfold.

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