10 Marvel Superheroes Who Should Not Participate In The Infinity War

Marvel’s Infinity War is going to be the biggest event of all that has happened within the MCU till now. But, as big as It is going to be, it is going to feature a lot of superheroes, all coming in together to take on the Mad Titan, Thanos. Even though we have our favorite superheroes fighting in this War, there are some who are going to be left out, and some that should be left out because of their abilities. Here are the superheroes who should be left out of Infinity War.


The weakest Avenger in the entire roster is probably Hawkeye. It makes no sense for him to be in Infinity War considering what his bow and arrows will do against Thanos and the Black Order. He admitted this himself in Age of Ultron where he said, “We are fighting an army of robots, and I have a bow and arrow. It makes no sense.” The only reason he was valid in the previous Avengers movies is that the villains had a lot of foot soldiers to fight, but here we have the Black Order instead.

Black Widow

Similar to Hawkeye, Black Widow would not really have a place against Thanos as he can simply crush her. She surely is badass against other humans and would be unbeatable, but against Thanos and the Black Order, what good would she be off except to die.


Most people would disagree that Antman should not be on the list, but if you think about it, he is only a little stronger than a normal human because of his suit and he has a daughter to protect whom Thanos might not spare. He was able to hold his own in Civil War because the opponents were not going for Kill Shots, but Thanos will. Being Giant-Man would be of no use against Thanos as he himself has the ability to do that.


Rhodey would not be much use post Civil War. He would totally be a liability for everyone on the team and especially for Iron man considering the injuries he suffered during the conflict. If Vision could do that to him, Thanos would literally crush him.

Winter Soldier

Bringing back Bucky for Infinity War would not be a good move as his mind would still be unstable if a cure for what Hydra has done to him will not have been found till Infinity War. He could be easily turned against the Team and they would have one more problem to worry about. In addition to that, he is missing a freeing arm, which might surely get a replacement. But, if there isn’t a replacement for that, then what good would he be to the team.

Luke Cage

Sure Luke Cage is a strong Superhero, but we all saw that he had his vulnerabilities and can be killed. The area in which he operated was just Harlem and he would be great against thugs and Gangsters, but putting him against Thanos and the Black Order just makes no sense at all.

Iron Fist

Considering what Marvel did with this character, would not at all work on the big screen as it was the worst project taken up by Marvel. Iron Fist has a cool power, but it is not yet fully explored and until it is explored, he should not feature in a big event like the Infinity War.\

Jessica Jones

What good would a private investigator who has a little extra strength than a normal human being and the ability to jump a little higher be against the might of Thanos and the Black Order? Also, the tone that was set on her show would not match the one in Infinity War, so adding the superhero would not be sensible.


A blind Ninja who is really god at Hand to hand combat would be no match against the Mad Titan. It would only take a single blow by Thanos to take him down. Daredevil is good as a street level hero, but putting him in a war against killer aliens would be really crazy.


infinity war

Yes, Spiderman is one of the best superheroes Marvel has, but in the MCU, he is just a teenager, and as we saw in Homecoming, he is not yet ready to be an Avenger. Tony would only have to look after him during the War and putting in a kid against Thanos could really be brutal for the Web-Slinger.

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