What Lies Ahead In Castle Season 8?

Castle Season 8 has opened to a great response. The first two episodes have laid down the foundation for what promises to be another exciting season for the show. Beckett has realized that she can’t possibly let criminals go, even if that means spoiling her relationship with Castle. Plus, she is trying to keep Castle safe.

Now, at the end of second epsiode Beckett has decided to leave Castle to pursue crimanls and keep him out of danger. Here we see what lies ahead for TV’s favorite couple and the show in general.

Now we all know that Beckett will dismantle and dig out whatever LOCKSAT is. Castle will meddle like he always does. but this time he will be discreet.

Now, Beckett resumes her position as Captain at 12th Precint. What I can predict is that Castle will once again pull favors and be appointed as a consultant for NYPD. The reason is that Alexis is taking proper care of the P.I business and Castle would like to be close to Beckett. So, it is plausible he takes back that position at the precint.

Another exciting thing to watch out in future episodes will be Castle’s father and step-mother. I want a scenario where Castle’s step-mother and Martha Rodgers are face to face. It will be fun to watch.

Ryan and Esposito will ci=ontinue their bromance with Ryan stressing over the fact that he is going to have another baby. And as we all know Ryan is the real baby.

Coming back to Castle again, I think Castle will be more active this season. By active I mean shooting and chaising down criminals. It is very likely that Season 8 of Castle will end on a cliff-hanger, if Season 9 happens (very likely).

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