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Justice League 2 Will Definitely Happen But Snyder May Not Return

The DCEU has not had the best luck with franchise-building. They have seen more failures than successes and their recent pitfalls have worried even the most loyal of fans. Although some critics may have appreciated The Suicide Squad as a film, the Box office still panned it. The movie only made a total of $162 Million worldwide to date. that is a very disappointing collection for a film of this scale. Although the initial response to DC’s BvS and Justice League was great in terms of money, the recent downtrend has the studio running scared a bit. In these trying times, the loyal fans are wondering whether the cinematic universe will continue to subsist or will it shut down production. We are here to put your minds at ease readers, Justice League 2 will definitely happen with or without Zack Snyder.

The DCEU kicked off with one of the most successful solo outings in the form of Man of Steel. The movie closed its Box office run with $668 million which is fantastic for a Superman reboot. I mean there can only be so much new about a story we have seen a thousand times in a thousand different places. But then came BvS and it divided the fandom in two. I have never seen a comic-book movie inspire such hate and love from within the same fandom. A faction of the fans really really loved the movie and claimed that this is the juncture at which the cinematic universe kicks off while the other part of the fandom found the film confusing and incoherent.


The Downfall

Justice League 2 Will Definitely Happen

Probably the best thing about the movie was its box office performance. BvS made $873 million worldwide, solidifying itself as the best movie in the franchise. It did not matter what the critics said, the fans had spoken. The numbers can never lie and so the worrisome voices were buried and we once again found ourselves aboard the hype train.


This time the destination was Justice League and after watching BvS, the majority of fans had convinced themselves that Zack Snyder had a vision for the DCEU. They believed wholeheartedly in this vision and in the man. Alas! Zack Snyder had to step away from the project because of a personal tragedy and the reins were handed off to Joss Wheadon. The director was late to the party but the fans hoped that he could salvage what Snyder had already nurtured.


Again, we kept hope alive for a coherent DCEU and carried on. Soon enough Justice League was released and was treated with fans flocking to theatres. The movie closed with fantastic numbers, making $657 million worldwide, which is considered good, but a bit lackluster for the third iteration of a major franchise. Sadly, lackluster is the best way to describe the theatrical cut of  Justice League. 

Justice League 2 Will Definitely Happen

The directorial change had raised the need for reshoots and this meant that Snyder’s gritty realism was completely replaced by Wheadon’s more playful aesthetic. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love Joss Wheadon, but upon watching Justice League we were a little unnerved by Henry Cavill’s fake face. Moving away from controversy the movie did well, but fans knew that behind the theatrical cut there was the true Justice League.


Justice League 2 Will Definitely Happen

Their suspicions were confirmed when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max. The new cut of an older movie made fans think that there was still hope for the DCEU even though Wheadon completely messed with the vision of Snyder. But given how much WB has invested in the franchise it is unlikely that they will let it go that easily. Both versions of the movie teased the advent of Darkseid in the DCEU. Even WB cannot deny us such a popular villain. All in all Justice League 2 Will Definitely Happen even if Snyder does not return to the franchise.


We wonder if the nightmare sequences from BvS and both versions of Justice League will make it into the sequel. I mean, we hope so. The advent of an Evil Superman will be something amazing to see, especially because it has never been done in live-action before. Well, it has never been done when Batman is there to stop him. Regardless, we cannot wait for a possible sequel. Let us know your opinions in the comments below, keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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