5 Insane Comic-Book Facts You Didn’t Know about The Avengers Origin

Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced The Avengers to movie audience who more or less fell in love instantly with them. But how many could have guessed their beginnings was not what was in the movie. Here are five things about The Avengers origin you may not know:

The Avengers Were Inspired By Justice League


When Daredevil’s first issue suffered a stalled setback, Marvel still needed a comic to send to the printers. So Stan Lee came up with the idea of making up a team (consisting of existing Marvel characters) just like or rivaling DC’s Justice League. This way, both he and writing partner Jack Kirby didn’t have to draw up back stories etc.

The Wasp Came Up with The Team’s Name

The first Avengers team consisted of Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, The Hulk and the Wasp. It was The Wasp, who was married to Ant-Man who came up with the name of The Avengers.

The Avengers Branched Out

The West Coast Avengers were the team that located themselves in Los Angeles. The original team still had grounded their basis in New York but the West Coast team kept a lookout on the west coast. Hence the name. Team Members have included Hawkeye, (who was also the team leader), Captain America and Mockingbird to name a few.

They Have Fought The Justice League

Marvel and DC have faced off and teamed up with each other in a number of comic book events. But the most monumental was when Team Avengers faced off Team Justice League.The series featured both sets of heroes visiting each other’s  Earth and faced off a supervillain together.

 Captain America Wasn’t Part Of The Original Team

avengers origin

Captain America was not a part of the original team, although he has proved himself to be the most popular. He only joined the team until their fourth issue when he was discovered by the team frozen in a block of ice.

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