The New Power Upgrade of Thor Makes Him Even Stronger Than Sentry Himself!

The Marvel Universe has quite an interesting number of gods who have an essential role to play. Over the years, we have seen some rather interesting godlike beings make their debut in the Marvel universe. The most popular amongst these is definitely the God of Thunder, Thor himself. He even ended up being an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For a while, it appeared as if the character Sentry had taken his place as the most powerful god in the Marvel Universe. But Thor seems to have taken back his mantle. The new power upgrade of Thor surely makes him a lot more powerful than Sentry himself.


Thor’s character has gone seen some very interesting developments in the MCU over the years. We saw his character come to terms with his powers over the years with the amount of responsibility working into his persona. While it has been quite a long since we got to see the true wrath of Thor in the movies, we will be getting to see more of the character in the upcoming years. Even though he might be ruling the screen as the powerful Asgardian he is, fans of the comics are well aware of the other godlike superhero who is often compared to Superman in DC.

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Gladiator vs Hyperion vs The Sentry

Sentry is a rather complex character but with each appearance, he has been proven to be one of the most powerful characters. The character has one of the most overwhelming powers in the Marvel Universe: the power of a million exploding suns. Even though this is clearly inspired by the idea of Superman getting his power from the Sun, it clearly makes Sentry quite a lot more powerful than the God of Thunder. Sentry proved his worth in the Marvel comics when he had to face the entire Avengers and he managed to make it seem like he was gonna win for a while. But it seems that Thor might have had an interesting development to become the most powerful character again.

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New Power Upgrade of Thor

In an interesting turn of events, Thor and Odin are made to face the personification of the Mjolnir itself. Thor #23, written by Donny Cates and art by Nic Klein and Matt Wilson sees Thor gaining the power of the Odinforce after Odin sacrifices himself. The sacrifice was meant to help Thor defeat the God of Hammers and this ends up being quite easy. This was possible because Odin had used this power himself and the spirit of the God Tempest to form Mjölnir, thus making Thor able to withstand the massive power of his beloved hammer.

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New Power Upgrade of Thor

According to the synopsis:

When his hammer went missing and people across the ten realms started being killed seemingly by someone wielding it, Thor and his father Odin, went searching for the culprit–the prophesied “God of Hammers.” They found her in the ruins of Broxton, Oklahoma, and were shocked to learn she was in fact the personification of Mjölnir, which had become corrupted by the spirit fo Mangog when it was recently reforged in the heart of the Sun.

Neither the Warriors of Asgard not Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been able to overpower her. To protect his family and friends, Thor called up his Midgardian birthright–the powers of his birth mother, Gaea–only for Odin to sacrifice himself to transfer the Odin-Force to Thor as well.

Now the God of Hammer must face an enraged Thor and the power of the Thor-Force…

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During his battle, Thor states that he is wielding power equivalent to “the heat of a billion suns“. This is definitely greater than the idea of having the power of “a million exploding suns“, something Sentry is associated with. It seems that his phrase was very targeted by Thor and it clearly indicates that Thor is a lot more powerful than Sentry in the comics. Not only that but this might just be a fraction of the true power of Thor as referenced in another Marvel comic. An Eternal file indicated that Thor is “An ‘All-Father’ class god-being in an adolescent stage“.

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