The Batman – New Actor Announcement & Production Rumored to be Delayed

The whole DC fanbase was in a shock when it was announced that Ben Affleck has said goodbye to the Batman cape, and it wasn’t just about the costume or appearance but also his tough voice & sharp face structure were perfect for Batman. Well, everyone knows he had to leave and now, Matt Reeves wants to bring a young Batman on the screen as he wants to start it from scratch and focus more on the childhood & younger years of Batman. But, according to a recent rumor it has been suggested that the production date and also the revelation of next Batman has been pushed ahead.

The Batman

Earlier, there were rumors suggesting that Warner Bros. was going to announce the name of next Batman soon but it doesn’t seem like we are going to have this opportunity in recent weeks or maybe in months. A recent tweet from Justin Kroll of Variety has informed fans about a big delay in these things. He tweeted,

The Batman

Well, many fans are disappointed because they’ve been waiting for the news of the new Batman, for director Matt Reeves himself had confirmed that the filming of his Batman movie will start at the year’s end. Well, I don’t think anything is going to be revealed about the next Batman actor in upcoming months and also, it is going to affect the release date of this project. 

The Batman

But, one thing is clear that WB & DC should start taking the right steps if they want to create a big fanbase for themselves because their rival Marvel is going super strong with their successful characters. Even DC is capable as they have two of the most popular superheroes in the world, Superman & Batman. For now, they should concentrate on Batman first as he can lead this great run of DC into a gigantic one. DC’s last outing Shazam! is still running in theaters and Joker is getting prepared for its release on October 4. So, the line-up for DC is impressive but the inclusion of a young Batman will be huge.

So, what are your views on this project and its delay? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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