Which Arrowverse Superhero Will Be The New Member of Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 is on a roll of a season. After defeating Vandal Savage in a not so spectacular season 1 and beating the Legion of Doom in a lackluster season 2, the season 3 has shown promise to finally keep the audience hooked to their seats. The legends were not as popular as the other arrowverse superheroes like The Green Arrow or The Flash, but after two seasons and an ensemble TV cast, they have finally broken the curse of mediocrity that was threatening to creep in.

As with each year in the Arrowverse, crossovers are a must. The ever-growing TV universe of The CW network has had major yearly events where all the superheroes from all the shows gather together and unite to stop a common foe too big for just one of them to handle. Last year’s Invasion! Arc was a sight for sore eyes. The CGI and the plot and the action sequences were too good. But this year’s Crossover Crisis on Earth X has managed to topple last year’s TRP juggernaut.

Crisis on Earth X saw Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Kara Danvers and the Legends face off against an alternate dimension earth called Earth X where Nazis won World War 2 and now aim to conquer the mainstream Earth. Hitler of Earth X is dead and the ruling council of that Earth now involves the Reverse Flash, Earth X’s Evil Oliver Queen and an Evil counterpart of Supergirl.

Several twists and turns follow and more characters return and even more introduced into the arrowverse. But it was one character whose departure left a gaping hole in the Arrowverse fan base’s chest – The death and eventual departure of Martin Stein, the one half of the nuclear-powered superhero Firestorm.

Victor Garber’s character departed from the Legends of Tomorrow for good and left Jefferson with a lot of regret in episode 9 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 3. In that very episode, he decided to leave the team and find new purpose in life, now that Martin is gone.

His departure left the group sand and with a vacancy. With Damian Darhk, his daughter Nora and the looming threat of the Big Bad Mallus over the Horizon, the Legends need to be at their full strength to tackle the threats. With dwindling numbers and ranks, it will be extremely difficult to save the timeline for Sarah and co to beat the bad guys.


What is the solution, you ask? A new membership drive of course. There are a ton of superheroes that are now ‘free’ to join the legends in their time traveling adventures. Two spots have been left vacant. Arrowverse showrunner Mark Guggenheim claims the heroes joining the fray would be someone we already know. Although he was not charitable enough to give off any hints, it won’t stop us from doing our own bit of speculation.

Here are some of the most likely candidates to join the Legends of Tomorrow:

John Constantine


The foul-mouthed British wizard with a knack for trouble has already been a hit amongst the fans in his own TV Show. But the show was abruptly canceled midseason and leading the fans to an uproar. John Constantine had only made guest appearances in The Arrow later on. His magical expertise will be a good weapon for the Legends to use against Mallus.

Kid Flash


The Flash TV Show did not do Wally West enough Justice. The Comic Books portray him as one of the most fan-favorite Flashes of DC universe. The show gave Wally powers but none of the spotlight. With Wally returning to Blue Valley and almost out of The Flash TV Show, could the Legends recruit him into their crew?

The Ray

The Ray is a superhero from Earth X that was introduced into the arrowverse in the recent crossover arc. Hi-light manipulation abilities and his wacky set of abilities, not to mention his homosexuality, could be a welcome addition to the Legends shrinking character sets.

Miss Martian

She was introduced in the second season of Supergirl but as nothing more than a love interest to Martian Manhunter. The Legends could recruit her into their team. Her martian abilities and her alien heritage would make her a good addition to a team of outcasts.

Roy Harper

The only true fighter in the group is Sarah Lance. The team could use some more of the action sequences. Roy Harper, as Arsenal, has had plenty of experience in the ass kicking area in The Arrow TV Show. His archery skills and close combat experience would be something that the Legends could find handy.

Red Tornado

We are not talking about the crappy one from Supergirl that was just pure ugly. The one we would like to join the Legends is the Earth X version. A Pure CGI Red Tornado would be too much to ask for a TV Show but it would sure be a treat to watch Earth X’s Red Tornado swirl and twirl the villains with his artificial tornadoes and save the day.

The Crossover made it look like the Red Tornado android was destroyed. But nothing, not even death, is permanent when you have a time-traveling ship in your hands.

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