10 Must Watch Anime For Superhero Lovers

Not many would disagree when I say Superheroes are awesome!! Superhero fiction has recently seen a boom in sales thanks to the relentless work of the DCEU and the MCU. But if you think Superheroes are just limited to the movies and the Comic books, you are dead wrong. The World of anime also has had its own fair share of popular superheroes. Presenting 10 Must-Watch anime for Superhero lovers….

One Punch Man

Superheroes are almost always made equal or even weaker than the Villain. One Punch Man is a show that takes a different cue. The story shows Saitama as the One Punch Man – the strongest being on Earth. He is so powerful that he can defeat villains, no matter how strong, with just a single punch. He also happens to be a superhero.

Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco is about an average, regular guy trying to make a difference in an emotionless world. The World of Samurai Flamenco is unflinchingly dead inside. The animation isn’t great to look at but the story and the humor associated with the show is one of the best I have ever seen.

My Hero Academia

Midoriya is born in a world where every guy and girl is genetically ingrained with a quirk that activates when they hit puberty. Midoriya has no quirk, so he has no superpowers. Midoriya then decides to become the World’s greatest Superhero after gaining the power of Almighty – World’s Greatest Superhero and becoming his disciple.


Charlotte is about angry teenagers that suddenly gain superpowers. The downside is that they will lose the powers when they become adults and completely forget that they once even had supernatural abilities. The Protagonist is a guy who can manipulate people’s minds via eye contact. There’s also a guy who has super speed, a girl with a split personality that can talk to the dead and control fire as well as a girl who can turn invisible.

Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman are the legendary protectors of Tachikawa City. They protect the city from the alien creatures called MESS. When the protagonist is handed a device that turns him into a Gatchaman, he is transported back to their base of operations as his adventure as a superhero begins.

Black Bullet

Black Bullet starts in the year 2021, where Humanity is driven to extinction due to the spread of the Gastrea Virus. The Virus can create biological anomalies within its host and turn them into monsters. The ‘Cursed Children’ or Initiators are young girls infected by the Virus that gain superhuman abilities. They are kept in check and protected by the Promoters. The job of the Promoters is to not only help the Initiators but to kill the when the Virus eventually infects the Initiator so much that she turns into a Gastrea herself. If you like action sequences, this anime has plenty of top notch quality.

Tiger and Bunny

Tiger and Bunny takes place in a world where Superheroes are available in plenty. They are featured in Hero TV, where they fight evil guys and earn hero points. The more hero pints they have, the better the sponsors they could afford. Tiger is a veteran hero who finds it hard to cooperate with other heroes. Bunny is a new hero currently learning how to make it big in the superhero organization of NEXT. They both pair up and go on all sorts of wild adventures.

Cyborg 009

Cyborg 009 is an old anime series. But it is still one of the best superhero action anime I have ever seen. The action and plot are extremely formidable. Cyborg 009 is just what it sounds. 009 is the ninth member of a team of nine cyborgs created by an evil organization as weapons of war. They rebel against their creators and stop the organization’s other evil creations from wreaking havoc.


Heroman is the brainchild of the legendary Stan Lee. The story goes something like this – Joey lives in the US West Coast and works very hard to take care of himself and his grandmother. One day he happens to encounter a run-over Heybo, a really expensive robot toy. He repairs it later that night. Heybo is then struck by lightning and somehow becomes huge and emblazoned with the American Flag. Heybo as Heroman now responds to Joey’s voice commands as an alien armada called the Skruggs decides to invade Earth.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs is about a superhuman detective agency doing jobs deemed too paranormal for the regular police force. Atsushi is a normal looking boy with the supernatural ability to turn into a white tiger. Dazai is a suicide enthusiast and a member of the supernatural detective agency of which Atsushi soon becomes a part of. Things become extremely complicated as criminal and foreign organizations with similar supernatural members start a gang war in the city.

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