Disney+ Provides the Sweetest Answer for Why Hawkeye is not Popular

The final Marvel show of the year Hawkeye is already out and it brings a fresh new story surrounding the titular character. These shows have been able to focus on characters in a much better manner considering there are a vast set of heroes in the movies. It was rather exciting to hear a series around Hawkeye will be coming out because the character is the most underrated in the MCU. This might be because we haven’t seen much of the character in a solo venture except for this show. The show is already giving us a lot of insight into the character while Kate Bishop tries to learn from him. It seems that Hawkeye might have addressed one of the major issues with the hero. The show tells us exactly why Hawkeye is not popular compared to the other Avengers.  


Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is one of the oldest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and over the years there are certain aspects of the character we have been able to explore. It has become rather obvious that he is actually a regular man with some extraordinary skills and intelligence. He has managed to stand next to some of the biggest superheroes with a lot of superpowers as they protected Earth from some major threats. And yet the character is overshadowed by the other beings who tend to have some rather large personalities that influence the pop culture.


Why Hawkeye is not Popular

The Disney+ show indicates all these issues while at the same time making us realize some rather interesting details about the character. We got to see him carrying a major scar due to all the battles that he had participated in next to the heroes. There were moments during the “Rogers: The Musical” sequence that make it rather obvious that he also went through a lot that was hardly focused upon. The series actually mentions one of the issues with the character in the MCU and that does not have anything to do with him being useless. Considering that he is useless is just one of the clear indications that we have not been nice to him.


Hawkeye’s Branding Issue

The primary characteristic of the hero is his excellent archery skills as he is shown in that perspective only in the Avengers movies whenever he is in public battles. But the problem lies in the fact that he is a lot more than that and some of those characteristics are something only we have been able to witness as he can persist without his bow and arrow too. Taking this characteristic into the highlight makes him comparable to some other popular characters who wield a bow and arrow like Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. This was clearly indicated in the second episode where the hero is upstaged by an impersonater of the character. Here’s how the scene went:

Kate: That’s your problem. You’re too low-key. People want sincerity.

Clint: Again, I’m not trying to sell anything.

Kate: But you are, you’re selling inspiration.

Why Hawkeye is not Popular

This scene was actually a reference to a running joke in the writer’s room for the series: “Isn’t Kate basically Katniss?” But, it also tells us how Marvel and the people within the MCU are very self-aware about Hawkeye’s popularity. Hawkeye isn’t even the most hyped series despite being a project about an OG Avenger. Everyone knows that and it’s okay. But it’s still pretty amazing and inspiring, just like the character of Hawkeye is.


Clint never really cared for the image that he held in front of the public or the world’s perception of him as a hero and this has only affected him as a whole. It was clearly because he wanted to protect his family and maintain a low profile. Clint did not readily accept the massive spotlight that comes along with being an Avenger as it wasn’t his very first title working with S.H.I.E.L.D as an agent.


Hawkeye is Not A Bad Superhero

Why Hawkeye is not Popular

While there are various jokes that poke fun at the character because of his skills that are quite less compared to the other heroes in the Avengers. It is interesting to notice that he and Black Widow were quite an essential part of the superhero as they worked out in some rather interesting manner which the other heroes didn’t. These two characters dared to put themselves forth even though they were aware that their lives could be taken quite easily based on what they had at stake.


Why Hawkeye is not Popular

While being able to fly, summons thunder, or even being able to pull a helicopter with just the strength of the arms looks like massive feats, they have always been safer based on their capabilities. Hawkeye won’t do it for winning the hearts of the people but he would do it just for the sake of their safety. It doesn’t matter to him what the people think of him and that is one of the most interesting capabilities to have as a superhero.


Hawkeye returns next week with its episode 3.

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