If The Wasp Replaced Black Widow In Avengers, It Would’ve Solved A Major Plot Hole!

We recently found that the Wasp would’ve replaced Black Widow in Avengers as she was Joss Whedon’s second choice. Yes, we would have missed ScarJo’s Black Widow but it would have solved a major MCU plothole. This revelation was brought to us by the new Marvel Studios book. Bear with us to find more about this.

The new The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe came out just a few weeks ago. The book explores all the nooks and crannies behind the screen of the MCU. The book even features some special interviews(unfiltered) from MCU’s stars and creators. We have discussed some of the facts revealed in the book earlier. For instance, we talked about how RDJ was almost cast as Doctor Doom, missing the once-in-a-lifetime role of Iron Man. And this time, we are back with another one. The book tells how ScarJo’s Black Widow was almost replaced with Zooey Deschanel version of The Wasp.


The Wasp replaced Black Widow in Avengers

Black Widow was first seen in 2010’s Iron Man 2, disguised as a Stark Industries’ latest employee. But her real orders were to keep Tony from killing himself and see if he is a potential Avenger. Turns out, he was not. She goes on to become an Avenger in the following movies. She reprised her role in eight MCU movies until her character sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone. Johansson returned to reprise her role in a stand-alone movie set before the events of Avengers: Infinity War. The Wasp (Hope Van Dyne), on the other hand, debuted years later in 2016’s Ant-Man.



Since 2012’s Avengers, we know that Agent Romanoff and Clint share a history filled with violent missions. They have dropped these hints in many movies, but one of them stood out. In their New York battle against the Chitauri army in The Avengers, Hawkeye saved a bunch of passengers from a bus before joining everybody in the fight again and Natasha commented on it. She said and we quote “Just like Budapest all over again”, on which Hawkeye comments “You and I remember Budapest very differently.”  Now, this is a callback to one of their missions together, in Budapest.


The MCU developers chose to follow up on this quip and mentioned the Budapest mission in her stand-alone movie in 2021. However, Budapest was nothing like people expected. In the movie, there were flashbacks of the mission where they tried to assassinate Drekov, the leader of the Red Room. However, the mission did not involve any aliens or a destroyed city. Moreover, in the following scene, Natasha was shown regretting killing an innocent girl during the mission. So, Natasha’s enthusiasm while talking about the Budapest mission in Avengers just seem more problematic.


The Wasp replaced Black Widow in Avengers

Although, if the creators had decided to include the Wasp instead of Natasha in the Avengers, the scene could have gone very differently. Also, if the source material is considered, the Wasp is credited as one of the founding members of The Avengers Initiative. And in addition to this, the Wasp’s chemistry with Hawkeye in the comics could be worth exploring in future movies. Not to sound like a cringe fanboy, but the Wasp’s swapping could have saved the fans nine years of confusion.

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