Batman Writer Opens Up About Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn

Paul Dini has been a revered household name in the comic universe for almost twenty years. His biggest claim to fame being Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and Superman: The Animated Series. He is also credited for creating Harley Quinn- The Joker’s on/off girlfriend and sidekick who was once a promising psychiatrist. Her origin was told in the graphic novel Batman: Mad Love, written by Dini and drawn by Bruce Timm, and went on to win an Eisner Award and later adapted in The New Batman Adventures episode of the same name.


On a recent podcast Shanlian on Batman, Dini discussed about the movie Suicide Squad:

“What I really loved about Suicide Squad is you saw little vignettes that spoke to the heart of DC Comics and DC Comics fans, like The Flash taking down Boomerang or the stuff with Batman and Deadshot or Batman and Harley on the car. That’s great stuff and doesn’t have the whole gravitas of an origin story or a subplot or romance. You can just get right to the meat of it and that’s what I really loved about Suicide Squad. You got such a flavour of the DC universe and judging by what the audience thought, they’re right with that.”


He also had positive words to say about Margot Robbie’s take on fan favorite Harley Quinn:

“I thought Margot did a really terrific job and I loved all the nods to her origin such as the elements of Mad Love that were alluded to in the therapy session with her and The Joker, some of their relationship and of course the brief flash of her in the Bruce Timm costume as interpreted by Alex Ross in the dance sequence they did. I felt she had a really good sense of humor about capturing the character and there are moments where you see her mind is always working. She really captured the kinetic energy of the character. If anything, it proved to me that character has enough to support her own movie.”



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