Is the Mummy Reboot Actually Connected to the Original Series?

People are having high hopes for the Mummy reboot as they have loved the previous trilogy lead by Brendan Fraser. Fans hope that the new one does even better than the previous movies as it has the responsibility to set up an ever bigger universe because we have already heard about the ‘Dark Universe’ Universal Studios is looking to set and has already brought in Johnny Depp to play the Invisible Man and Javier Bardem as the Frankenstein’s Monster. But, the movie is not only related to the upcoming movies, it might have brought in the previous movies into the fold as well.

This new Version of The Mummy is set up in the present times whereas the previous installations including Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz were set up in 1923. The latest version does have an easter egg that gives a nod that the film in continuity with the previous movies.

Tom Cruise’s character Nick Morton meets up Russell Crowe’s character at the headquarters of the Prodigium (an organisation that prevents the world from supernatural threats) where Crowe’s character turns into Hyde and fights Morton. The Prodigium goes into lockdown and Morton’s ally Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) gets separated from him while trying to help him. Members of the Prodigium then try to stop her and save her from dying but she ends up using one of the ancient books from the film in 1999 to fight Hyde.

the mummy reboot

In that film, the Book of the Dead and the Book of Living were magical tomes created in ancient Egypt. The first one is used to accidentally resurrect the titular mummy, Imhotep.

This book is a very clever hint to a connection with the original Mummy films and also a way to introduce the Dark Universe the studio is trying to build.

The Mummy is already in the theatres now and Cruise is kicking some real ass.

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