10 Questions We Have For Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones is not just a show but a worldwide phenomenon and fans look at every single detail of the show. Season 7 gave us a lot to talk about from white walker dragon to the possibility of more incest. As the season 7 of GOT has ended we are left with some burning questions for season 8.

10. Will Theon redeem himself?

Theon Greyjoy was a jerk at the beginning of the show and then went through a lot at the hands of Ramsey Bolton. After that Theon supported his sister but in season 7 he had to abandon her as his uncle Euron attacked them. Theon’s character has been on the show since season 1 and he must be alive for a reason. We are waiting for him to save Yara or do something heroic to redeem his character.

9. When will Clegane vs Clegane happen?

We kept waiting for the hound and the mountain to have a Clegane bowl in the finale but it never happened. It might not be important for the narrative but as fans, we would love to see the Hound kill the mountain for what he did to him as a child. Will the last season finally show the two brothers fighting and one ending the other?

8. Will we lose Tormund?

Tormund Giantsbane has become one of the most loved characters on the show but he remains at the northern part where the walkers will attack first. Will Tormund and what’s left of the night’s watch survive the attack? Will Tormund come south and support Jon and Dany?

7. Will we ever see Howland Reed?

Howland Reed is Meera and Jojen Reed’s father and he saved Ned Stark’s life at the tower of joy. According to the books, he is a crucial character but will the show ever show him? This season Meera Reed left Bran with a heavy heart but will she and her father return to the story?

6. Is Dany turning evil?

We saw Dany in full action this season. At first, she tried to sit back and listened to Tyrion which did not work well for her. Then she followed her dragon instinct and went full fiery on her enemies. This has raised many questions and has even Tyrion and Varys worried about her seeing that she has a family history with evilness. Will Dany truly turn mad and follow in her father’s footsteps?

5. Who is the Night King?

There have been many theories concerning the true identity of the night king. A pretty convincing theory is that Bran is the night king but we can’t be sure yet. So will we know who the night king is before he is killed or not?

4. How will Jon’s identity change things?

Jon is half Targaryen and the truth will come out in the last season, but how will that change things? Will Jon use his claim over Westeros or will he continue supporting Dany seeing that she has been making those efforts since a long time? Or will they unite and rule together? The show might even kill one of them just to keep the claim clear…but we hope that doesn’t happen!

3. What about the prophecies?

Dany and Cersei both have prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. Cersei’s prophecy says she will be dethroned by a younger queen and killed by a little sibling. Dany’s prophecy talks about 3 betrayals. One for blood, one for gold and one for love. She has been betrayed for blood and gold but the love part remains. Will all this happen next season?

2. Will Jaime truly leave Cersei?

Game of Thrones

Jaime’s breaking point has come and he is fed up of his sister’s schemes. In the finale, we saw him leaving her side but has he really left her for good? Also, Cersei is pregnant with his child which is a problematic thing. So what will Jaime do and will we ever be able to call him the queen slayer or not!?

 1. Who is Azhor Ahai?

The biggest burning question still remains that who is the prince/princess that was promised? There have been many theories that half of the characters of the show could be Azhor Ahai and the show must answer this before we go completely mad with curiosity! Season 7 talked about the prophecy so they can’t leave it unanswered now and will have to reveal the truth soon.

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