5 Characters Who Will Probably Not Survive in Marvel Phase 3

Marvel Cinematic Universe has officially reached Phase 3. So what does that mean for many of the superheroes from the past two phases? Something not too great in the works, and probable death in the mix. Here are five Marvel characters who will probably die after Infinity War:

Captain America

Captain America: Civil War ended with Steve Rogers set down his shield and giving up the title of Captain America. In the comics, The Cap does not survive Civil War as he was assassinated. Actor Chris Evans has spoken at length about still wanting to continue Marvel after Phase 3 but as a director. This reason alone could put the fate of Captain America in dire situations in Infinity War.


Ragnarok, in Norse mythology, is the apocalypse for the Gods. So how Thor will survive this is a big mystery. Although Ragnarok is an endless cycle of death that repeats itself over and over along with rebirth. But Thor will have to die to be reborn, so don’t be surprised if the God kicks the bucket for a while.

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. has discussed in the past that he is quite tired of putting on the Iron Suit. And who could blame him, Iron man was the hero who began MCU? And given the unfortunate dream sequence from Avengers: Age Of Ultron, it’s doubtful Iron Man will survive Infinity War.


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Thanos, like Stan Lee, has made more cameos in Marvel movies than any other baddie. And with the titan king’s obsession with Death, it’s most likely that he would be going to his lady love, but not the way he planned it.


In the comic, Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos kills every superhero that fights against him. Will that foreshadow the fate of all the Marvel superheroes from all three Phases? Only Infinity War will tell.

Amy Fanai

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