5 Mind-Blowing Origin Stories of Supervillains Who Almost Defeated Spiderman

Spider-Man is undoubtedly Marvel audience’s favorite character, and every hero is as popular as strong and terrifying his villains are. So here is a list of 5 extremely powerful villains who sometimes even Spider-Man had a hard time defeating.

The Chameleon

Having the real name, Smerdyakof originally was a spy who later got used to an elevated lifestyle and turned into criminal activities. A very skillful master of disguise who also honed his skill of mimicry to pass himself off as a whole lot of other people, the Chameleon wanted to sell govt. secrets to Iron Countries needed someone to take the blame, so he disguised as Spider-Man but was caught by a vigilant officer.

The Vulture

Adrian Toomes was once a legitimate businessman and an electronics engineer who later became obsessed with an experiment of his, an electromagnetic harness that’d make his wearer fly. This took a toll on his business and he was kicked out of his own business. His experiment though gave results, more that he could ask for. He also developed superhuman strength along with the ability to fly.

The Shocker

Herman Schultz was a genius with a gift for engineering, but he dropped out of high school and used his brains for cracking safes. He soon was caught and was sent to prison where he used all that he could find the make, high-frequency sonic blasters. He also created a heavily insulated suit, which not only made kept him safe from the vibrations, but also from enemy attacks.

The Hobgoblin


Roderick Kingsley was the unofficial successor of the Green Goblin. He, a famous fashion designer was able to hide he alter ego for a decade, fooling everyone. Before becoming the Hobgoblin, he used other criminals to smear the reputation of his competitors. One of whom found the layer of the Green Goblin, told Kingsley, who then killed him and relocated all the weapons and burned the place down.


Quentin Beck was one of Hollywood’s best stuntman, before becoming the special effects wizard in the industry. He was unable to get recognition for his talents, he decided to change career paths, but he didn’t have the looks to be an actor nor the patience to become a director. So he used his skills to become a superhero, but New York already had one, so he tried to frame Spider-Man, eventually failing and getting caught.

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