10 Big Questions We Have After Watching Justice League

Justice League has now hit the theatres and the reaction from the fans are amazing. The movie is really great according to the fans and each and every moviegoer whether he/she is a comic book fan or not, is coming out having a good time watching the movie. The critics, on the other hand, are still following the same trend that they were with pre-Wonder Woman DC movies. The Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie currently stands at 40%. Still, the movie was great but it wasn’t without flaws. It left us with so many burning questions. Here is a list.

What Happened To The Mother Boxes??

At the end when the Justice league successfully managed to beat Steppenwolf and send him back to Apokolips along with his Parademons, there was still a ot left to clean up. In a few ending scenes, they showed us many things, but there was no word or scene about what they did with the Mother Boxes after they got split up during the battle. Now it is safe to assume that Bruce Wayne would be keeping a close eye on them but it still leaves us with a big suspense as they are the things that could lead the next and even bigger attack on Earth lead by Darkseid.

What about Darkseid??   

In BVS, we got an ultimate dream sequence teasing the arrival of the ultimate big bad in the DC Universe. But, in Justice League, Darkseid was barely even mentioned in the movie, considering the entire movie was about him. Steppenwolf worked for him, the Mother Boxes were creating Earth into a new Apokolips, which is his home world, and from where the Parademons came from, and presumably where all those Boom Tubes lead to. But, who is he in this Universe, what does he want, and when is he going to show up? These are all the questions Justice League asks but doesn’t answer.

Where were the Lanterns during the final battle??

When we were being told about the old mythology where all the humans, Atlanteans and Amazons fought against the Apokoliptic army along with the old Gods. In that battle, members of the Green Lantern Corps also fought to defend Earth which proves that these space protectors do exist, but where were they when Steppenwolf lead his second attack on Earth? They should have shown up considering the scale of attack was so big that could have wiped out the entire planet.

Who made Flash’s costume??

The Flash’s costume looks sick in this movie and people loved it, with all the different battle parts that allow Barry to run at high speeds without burning, but who made it? Barry is no costumes expert, and in this movie, he is kind of a loner at the beginning. There were no mentions of his allies, if there are any, and no mentions of anything else relating to him. Well, we hope the future movies answer this.

Is Cyborg a really a traitor??

During BVS, we saw that Cyborg’s bio-megatronic bits are a part of the Mother Box itself, and it sometimes ends up controlling him instead of the other way around. Aquaman raises this question throughout this movie but nothing comes of it. Well, nothing comes of it yet! What happens when the master of Apokolips, Darkseid shows up? Does the League has a mole inside their group, a double agent infected with some alien virus that’s waiting to betray Earth at just the wrong time? Well, before adding him to the round table, Bruce should consider all the possibilities and keep Aquaman’s questions in mind.

Where was everyone else??

Green Lanterns weren’t the only ones who were absent from the movie. When Steppenwolf attacked thousands of years ago, a massive alliance came into being in order to defend Earth. It comprised of all the humans, Atlanteans and Amazons fought against the Apokoliptic army along with the old Gods and the Lanterns. But when he came back, just nobody in the entire world gave a reaction to it. Heck where was the closest line of defense, the Russian army? Where was Suicide Squad? The Atlanteans? Armies from the entire world should have reacted to it but instead just a bunch of costumed weirdoes showed up and fought against Steppenwolf. It seems that no one else cared whether or not Earth was destroyed.

How do they explain Clark’s return??

Justice League

Most of Justice League revolves around the return of Superman and how much the world needs him. Well, his resurrection might be believable but how would Clark Kent’s return be explained. He got an obituary and was mourned during his funeral in BVS, but how would they spin it this time around that he is back. How would they do it without giving away the fact that he is Superman?

Who else is in the Legion of Doom??

When Deathstroke met with Lex Luthor during the post-credits scene, Lex suggested that they might form their own League in order to be prepared against the band of heroes. But who else is going to be a part of that team, the Injustice League, or the Legion of Doom. The Joker has already made his appearance in the DCEU but characters like Cheetah, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, etc. are yet to make their debut in the movie Universe. So, which other bad guys have joined or will join this league remains to be the bigger question.

Why didn’t they Unite the Seven??

The very early marketing of Justice League began with the poster of Unite the seven. But as the movie went into production, the marketing was done differently and they pretended that “Unite the Seven” never even happened. Until the movie came out, people believed that they might be in for a surprise, but at the end, only six showed up with 3 new characters only getting their brief intros. Well, if Snyder would have stayed on, we might have gotten a long and unrushed movie, but with Whedon stepping in and all the reshoots, plans for that might have been scrapped totally.

Who won the race??

This was a fun moment, when we saw the comic book moment come to life during the mid-credits scene where the Flash and Superman race against each other. But what wasn’t answered that who actually won that race? Who is the fastest man alive? Barry surely is not upto his full running potential in the movie and is a lot slower and unsure of himself. And, the movie didn’t even explain the schematics of his speed and how fast he actually is, it just put him there and focussed on the narrative. Well, fans will be happy if the winner of the race is mentioned in the future, considering if there is a future!

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