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Before Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr Almost Played Doctor Doom

There are no words that could advocate the favor that RDJ’s Iron Man did for the comic book world. Marvel Studios had been making movies for a long time but Iron Man was not like them. It was the beginning of something so unique and eternal that grew into the MCU as we know it today. And RDJ is to thank for the most of its success. I don’t think anybody can imagine any other actor playing the Iron Man. But what if the actor played any other Marvel character instead of Iron Man. That’s right! Did you know that Robert Downey Jr almost played Doctor Doom? Well, Marvel first contacted him to play the infamous character, Victor Von Doom!


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Marvel Studios’ The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived in the stores and it reveals many interesting facts about our beloved MCU but this is something else. The book has hundreds of pages dedicated to the MCU and all the decisions and choices that brought it to life. Flipping through the pages, we found the most interesting piece of information that could’ve changed the MCU as we know it.


Robert Downey Jr almost played Doctor Doom

Jon Favreau, director of 2008’s Iron Man, revealed that Robert almost played Doctor Doom. To quote him, Marvel had already met with [Robert Downey Jr.] before, I think, to play Doctor Doom. Considering that time, he would have been cast in 2005’s Fantastic Four. The thought that Robert Downey Jr. almost playing Doctor Doom is going to live in my head rent-free.


Robert Downey Jr Almost Played Doctor Doom

Just imagining RDJ as Van Doom seems weird. Although, it wouldn’t have been at that time. And with his talent in acting, seeing him as Doom might have made it difficult for us to imagine him as Tony Stark. Lucky for us, the role went to Julian McMahon. But maybe in another universe, Downey did play Doctor Doom and I already feel sorry for them to miss on the chance at seeing him play Stark.


However, it is too soon to rule out the possibility of seeing him as doom. With MCU’s Fantastic Four on the way and Multiverse in the play, we cannot ignore the possibility of Downey returning as Doom in an alternate universe. Maybe we are getting too ahead with my thoughts!

Make sure to get your hands on the new book ASAP and check out more fun facts like this one!

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