Wonder Woman’s Newest Weapon is Made Out of Superman’s Spine

Wonder Woman’s Weapon Made Out of Superman’s Spine:

One of the finest warriors in the DC Universe, Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince of Themyscira is one of the strongest superheroes of Earth. She has fought countless foes and defeated many powerful adversaries. She has several powerful weapons in her arsenal. The lasso of Hestia, the Golden Eagle Armour, the bracelets of Submission – the list goes on and one and on. In a recent development, Wonder Woman has a new weapon added to her arsenal. And it probably is the yuckiest and grossest weapon any warrior has ever wielded in human history.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Wonder Woman Dead Earth #3 up ahead. If you still have not read it yet, we suggest you look away…

Wonder Woman’s Weapon Made Out of Superman’s Spine
Wonder Woman’s Weapon Made Out of Superman’s Spine

The most famous weapon in Wonder Woman’s arsenal has always been the Lasso of Truth otherwise known as the Lasso of Hestia. It holds the power to unleash the truth after trapping an opponent within its knots. It is enchanted and unbreakable. Even Superman has fallen to its powers on more than one occasion. And DC just found out a very weird way to upgrade it. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth got a power boost of epic proportions but it is the way in which it got it that is making us throw up in horror.

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The Lasso of Truth was bestowed to Diana Prince before she ventured out of Themyscira and into Man’s World. The Lasso was made out of Aphrodite’s Magic Girdle and holds several magical properties. Its origin story has changed over the years but its core founding arc stayed the same. The one power the Lasso has always shown is the power to exact the truth from any opponent no matter how strong-willed he or she might be. Once wrapped around a target, the lasso of truth can become a lie exacting device. Wonder Woman’s creator William Marston was the inventor of the Polygraph Machine, otherwise known as the Lie Detector Machine. So it stands to reason to believe that Wonder Woman’s greatest weapon holds an equivalent power.

Daniel Warren Johnson, the one who is penning the Wonder Woman: Dead Earth story arc, has taken Marston’s creations up a notch. In this arc, Wonder Woman wakes up centuries later from a deep slumber. Humanity no longer exists with only pockets of the might human race surviving in what is now a gigantic nuclear wasteland. Wonder Woman cannot recollect past events. She is suffering from amnesia. The one person who could help advise her during such uncertain times is Superman. When she travels to the fortress of solitude, she finds Superman is dead, having been killed years ago. Wonder Woman then realizes that it was her who killed him. It was their fight that sent shockwaves that destroyed cities and jump-started the apocalypse in the first place.

It is now time for Wonder Woman to look for some answers. She intends to make up for all the terrible acts she has done till now. She needs to repair the damage. But in her current weakened state, Wonder Woman is as good as any ordinary human being. She just woke up from a long sleep that spanned for entire centuries. She needs time until her energies are restored. Until that happens, she would need something to help her fight. The augmentation she is looking for is right in front of her, within Superman’s dead body. Wonder Woman rips apart Superman’s spine and wraps the Lasso of Truth around his skull and spinal cord. In the end, she creates a mystical and unbreakable mace that is powered by Superman’s invulnerable bones and Wonder Woman’s mystical armaments.

Wonder Woman’s Weapon Made Out of Superman’s Spine
Wonder Woman’s Weapon Made Out of Superman’s Spine

The issue ends right there. If we want to see the new Wonder Weapon of Wonder Woman in action again, we will have to wait until the next issue of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth hits the stands in the near future. But until then, we can just fret over the fact that Wonder Woman just ripped off the spine of one of his closest allies to create a weapon which is nothing short of a weapon of mass destruction now.

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