Who Played The Best BATMAN Ever?

Comic books were supposed to be stuff for kids, but these days, playing a superhero on the silver screen is considered as the fastest way to stardom. There aren’t many heroes beloved more than Batman. Here are the 5 actors who played Batman best.

1) Adam West in “Batman” (1960)

Adam West played a role of Batman in the original 1960’s TV show. This was one of the most popular than even modern superhero films could even think of. Producer William Dozier cast West as Batman after seeing him perform as the James Bond-like spy Captain Q in a Nestlé Quik.

2) Michael Keaton

Two decades after West hung up his cap. Tim Burton and Michael Keaton created a version which was funny and terrifying at the same moment. Keaton perfectly captured the tortured, isolated side of Bruce Wayne, but was playful enough to make the movie fun. Joker gave him a towering villain to match.

3) Val Kilmer “Batman Forever” (1995)

Director Joel Schumacher and star tried their best to make the movie a hit. It has most of the twisted humor turned into out of place, cheesy gags, and most fans gave up hope after one look at the Batsuit’s new nipples. However, The creator Bob Kane said Kilmer was the closest he had seen any actor come to his own idea of the superhero.

4) George Clooney “Batman and Robin” (1997)


After Val Kilmer passed away, the studio turned to the George Clooney. Clooney’s dialogue, action, and villains might be “so bad it’s good,” but the actor has publicly regretted the film, and even apologized to fans for ruining the movie series.

5) Christian Bale “Batman Begins (2005)” “The Dark Knight (2008)” “The Dark Knight Rises (2012)”



Christian Bale was the only man able to bring the character to life. Trained in martial arts and he looked the part of a superhero. Bale tapped into the darker, angrier side of the hero that no other actor had even tried.

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