All Currently Existing Villains in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Sony Pictures Entertainment has possed the broadcasting rights to Spider-Man and related characters for a long time. They have made their live-action spider-verse multiple times. But now, because of their deal with Marvel Studios, they can finally make a universe with only characters from Spider-Man’s life. And they understand the kind of big bucks they can make by introducing each Spider-Man villain in his/her origin movie. With Morbius now out and more on their way, here are all the villains in Sony’s Spider-Man universe:


When Sam Raimi that he will not be continuing his Spider-Man franchise anymore, there were talks about a solo Venom movie. But then Sony decided to work on this project after Andrew Garfield’s TASM and TASM2. But it didn’t quite work out as Sony intended. Finally, they got to do a Venom movie in 2016 with Tom Hardy playing the titular character. The success of Venom kickstarted the SSU, and it is not stopping anytime soon.


Venom also brought many other symbiotes too, but the climax of both Venom and Venom 2 saw the evil symbiotes dying. It seemed like a wasted opportunity at first, but Venom has proven to be a symbiote who can single-handed carry a whole universe. So, we might not need many symbiotes to keep things interesting in the Venom Verse.



Venom kicked off the SSU in the best possible way. The movie’s success was because of an excellent narration and the placing of quite subtle easter eggs in the background. One of those easter eggs clear;y implies the existence of another Spider-Man villain, Sin-Eater in the Venom Verse. In the movie, Anne(Michelle Williams) mentions that Eddie Brock was kicked out of New York because of ‘the Daily Globe incident.’  The movie may not have mentioned the Sin-Eater by name, but this case is largely associated with the notorious villain.



After Venom and Venom 2 blew the box office, Sony announced many projects, including the Sinister Six members. Morbius is just the first of them. The movie introduced the first living vampire to the SSU, and this is just the beginning. Because Morbius not only introduced Morbius but also teased a bunch of other Sinister Six members, too. (Which you will be seeing in this list ahead.)



Tyrese Gibson’s Simon Stroud is a lot more than meets the eye. In the comics, Stroud was a CIA Agent-turned NYPD cop, who made a name for himself while hunting monsters. In the comics, he may have started with the Man-Wolf, but SSU introduced him as the man who will be hunting Dr Morbius. Tyrese has revealed that he has a deal for three movies so we will be seeing him in upcoming SSU movies, as well.



Villains in Sony’s Spider-Man universe

Morbius teased a lot of characters from Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery and Black Cat is just one of them. Black-Cat was name-teased in an edition of the SSU’s Daily Bugle that Dr Morbius had seen reading. The news headline read, ‘BLACK CAT: Friend or Foe?’ Black Cat, known to the people as Felicia Hardy, is a character that Sony has tried to recruit multiple times, but it seems like SSU will finally be able to accommodate her.



Sony had already announced a Krave the Hunter movie so it was only about time that they dropped an easter egg. Dmitri Smerdyakov, aka the Chameleon, is a master of disguises and the half-brother of Kraven himself. In the comics, he was the only reason that Kraven pursued hunting Spider-Man and bringing him to justice. Like Balck Cat’s headline, there was a headline about Chameleon that wrote about his great escape. So we know that there is not only the Chameleon in the SSU, but he is exactly where he is supposed to be.



SSU’s Rhino may have had a shorter appearance than he had in TASM2, but fans are excited, nonetheless. He was the third and last Spider-Man character that was headlined in the Daily bugle. But is it the Rhino we think he is? Because the headline read, ‘Rhino on the loose: Zoo hoax fools us all.’ So is it the Rhino-man hybrid like in the comics, or is it the robotic one from TASM2? Or is it all that this is- a mere easter egg? Nevertheless, fans have been excited to see a live-action version of the character, so SSU might be the one where dreams come true.



The post-credits scene of Morbius placed one of the most surprising villains of the Spider-verse in the SSU. Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, was introduced in the MCU before he was wrongly transported to the SSU when Doctor Strange cast his final spell in NWH. He turned out to be quite a resourceful guy when he reassembled his flight suit just weeks after coming river to the new universe. The post-credits scene saw him asking Morbius to join his group, and this might be a direct tease to the upcoming banding of the Sinister Six.



Now that Morbius has found its place in the SSU, Sony has its eyes set on Kraven the Hunter. Kick Ass-famed actor Aaron Taylor Johnson will be taking on the character of the Hunter in the upcoming movie. The movie is currently in its production stage and filming is expected to be over in the next couple of weeks. The movie will hit the theatres by January 2023, so we shall not expect a trailer before August or September.



Besides Kraven himself, ‘Kraven the Hunter’ movie will set Calypso in the expanding SSU. While Sony may not have confirmed anything yet, there are rumours that Ariana DeBose will be taking on the character. In the comics, Calypso was a priestess, with a special talent in voodoo magic. So Kraven the Hunter might take focus from aliens and science over to magic with Calypso.


Which are your favourite villains in Sony’s Spider-Man universe? tell us your answers down in the comments.

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