How Morbius Ruins The Narrative Of No Way Home

Sony’s next character in the Spider-Man Universe finally made its debut with Morbius. Even though the previous two movies in the franchise have had a poor reception from the critics, this movie was absolute considering even the audience didn’t end up enjoying it. Sony managed to earn quite a sum from the Venom films because the character was known to the audience and this became a factor in the success of the movie. The franchise had made links to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with No Way Home being an essential means for connecting the plots. Morbius has actually made the multiverse narrative of No Way Home worse by its own take on how the theory worked.


Sony hasn’t stopped looking at means to gain profit from making movies about Spider-Man and his villains. There have been cases where the franchise has actually been quite successful, which has supported the idea of more such projects. Their first entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, Venom was a massive success as it ended up making $856 million at the global box office. This was a major success because the movie was made with half the budget for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There are a lot of new characters set to join this franchise with upcoming projects like Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, Spider-Woman, and the recently released Morbius.


Morbius & Spider-Man: No Way Home

Ever since Venom: Let There Be Carnage was released, creators of that universe of characters started hinting at Tom Holland’s Spider-Man coming across this set of villains. This actually almost came true when the ending of Venom 2 saw Venom and Eddie Brocks getting teleported to the MCU. Initially, this came as an absolute surprise to the fans until No Way Home was released and an explanation for this event was given by the movie. But the No Way Home post-credits scene managed to bring Eddie and Venom back to their universe, leaving a bit of Venom in the MCU (paving the way for the symbiote in the MCU).


The Morbius trailers had been hinting at links with the MCU Spider-Man with the trailers for a long time now. One of the very first trailers ended up showing that Michael Keaton’s Vulture was going to show up in the movie. But the way this is explained in the post-credits scene for the movie has to be one of the most desperate attempts made by the franchise to expand itself. Sony has clear intentions of making a path so that the links between the two franchises appear to be clear but continuing with this desperate attempt ends up affecting the plot of the original entries.


Morbius Post-Credits Scene

The post-credits scene for Mobius shows Adrian Toomes reappearing in a jail cell but this time around in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. This makes no sense as the narrative of No Way Home was intended to send back every character who had come from a different universe back to their own. Adrian Toomes belongs to the MCU and his appearance in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe feels like a forced move to establish a connection. The idea that the Runes of Kof-Kol spell would affect him makes some sense because the villain knew Peter but sending him to a random universe across the multiverse makes no sense at all.


Narrative of No Way Home

But that’s not all as the next post-credits scene features the character being released from prison because of his innocence in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. After coming here, he somehow manages to acquire his Vulture suit that had taken a long time to make in the MCU. He has to have required the Chitauri weaponry to be able to make this suit but the movie hardly makes any attempt at explaining this. Later, Leto’s Michael Morbius randomly meets him on the side of a cliff the two share the following conversation:

Vulture: “Thanks for meeting me, Doc. I’ve been reading about you. I don’t know how I got here … something to do with Spider-Man. I’m thinking of putting a team together. Do some good.”

Morbius: “Intriguing.”


It has become quite obvious that Sony is really interested in making a Sinister Six movie. But bringing in random elements and experimenting with them makes no sense at all for the franchise and it only makes things worse. The lack of planning that is involved in making these elements work out in the universe affects the narrative of these movies as a whole. Spider-Man: No Way Home itself is affected by the way that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is making desperate attempts at merging the universe. Let’s hope Kevin Feige looks into this error and makes sure that these movies don’t continue to affect the MCU in any manner.

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