10 Massive New Details About Marvel Movies Revealed

This year’s Comic Con was full of fun MCU surprises and new footages for the upcoming movies. Marvel gave out so much of new stuff for the fans to cherish. Some little minor details and some huge ones were revealed at the event. Here is a list of those insane details and facts that you need to know:

Thor and Loki Team Up yet again

In the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, we saw that Thor, Valkyrie, and Banner find Loki tied up on Sakaar who was probably being kept captive by the Grandmaster. Thor and team freed him and then Thor and Loki take down a bunch of soldiers together.

Michelle Pffiefer is The Wasp

In the first Ant-Man movie, we saw Hanky Pym reveal that he lost his wife Janet Van Dyne in the past when the two were Ant-Man and the past respectively. Well, the new Ant-man and the Wasps are Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne, and Michelle Pffiefer is going to play the mother of Hope Van Dyne in 2018’s ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’.

Captain Marvel is set in the 90s 

When it was announced that Marvel is also going to have its first female lead standalone Superhero film, the fans were very excited. But, with the growth of MCU, fans started wondering that how exactly would Marvel bring in Captain Marvel into the MCU. Well, they have got their answers as it was revealed that Captain Marvel will be a prequel movie which will, in fact, be set up in the 1990s. They also revealed the first Look at Captain Marvel.

Killmonger has his own Golden Suit

The biggest mystery right now is the upcoming Black Panther solo movie of which Marvel released a trailer a few months ago, and also showed a footage at Comic Con. In that footage, it was revealed that the villain of the movie, Killmonger is also going to have his own Golden battle Suit similar to Black Panther.

Hulk Talks

In the Ragnarok trailer shown at comic con, we saw Hulk literally talking to Thor and he was in total control of himself. Then the panel revealed that Hulk has not changed into Banner ever since Age of Ultron and has been in Hulk form for the last two years, in the meantime, he developed a vocabulary of a toddler.

Surtur is in! 

Surtur is the God of fire and has been the enemy of Odin and Thor in the comics. At the end of the Ragnarok trailer, we saw Hulk going full monty over the Fire Giant. This means that he is going to be featured in the movie and if not the main villain, he will still have a very substantial part in the movie.

Giant Man returns 

In Captain America Civil War, we saw Ant-Man turning into Giant Man during the Airport battle. After that, it was announced that we are going to get a sequel for Ant-Man i.e. ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ and in Comic-con, a post for the movie was released. That poster shows Ant-Man in the size of Giant man, so it is confirmed that we will see Giant man in the movie too.

Nick Fury has two eyes in Captain Marvel

It was revealed that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is going to be a part of Captain Marvel which is being set up in the 90s and Fury is going to have both his eyes in the movie. That means that we might get to see how Fury lost his second eye during the events occurring in the MCU.

The Skrulls are coming         marvel

It was revealed that the villains for the Captain Marvel movie will be the Skrulls. The movie is going to feature the iconic Skrull and Kree war from the comics and it will also answer what there have never been any talks about the Skrulls and Captain marvel until now.

A new look at everyone in Infinity War

comic con

Marvel released a big poster showing almost every hero that is going to appear in the third Avengers movie along with Thanos and his Black Order. The poster revealed new details like Captain Nomad, Spidey’s new suit, Iron Man’s new suit, Teenage Groot and much more.

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