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This Wild Deathstroke Theory of Batman v Superman Should Have Been True

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand with its narrative, the DCEU continues to have a divided reception. The DCEU hasn’t managed many projects but it still ended up having some rather important events unfold. We have already witnessed a variety of characters make their debut in these projects. But some of the significant characters haven’t got a solo venture yet. One of the most exciting characters that the DCEU introduced was Deathstroke. Ever since the announcement of the character fans were wondering to see him in action in the movies. But we didn’t get a chance to properly see him make some moves because Zack Snyder’s plans for the franchise were dropped. One of the most exciting theories was the Deathstroke theory of Batman V Superman. It stated that Deathstroke was actually Batman. It is clearly not true but it could have actually saved the DCEU if it were true.

Dawn Of Justice

Batman V Superman was the very project that introduced us to a variety of the heroes in the DCEU. It began with the narrative of Bruce Wayne showing us the massive impact the events of Man of Steel had on the world. He carries us through the narrative and here we get to see some interesting details about his character. Zack Snyder had heavily referenced that this movie would take a lot of inspiration from the Dark Knight Returns comics. These comics actually showed a version of the caped crusader that was rather old and was making a return from retirement. Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman also had a ring of older and experience in it.


Deathstroke Theory of Batman V Superman

One of the most exciting theories surrounding Ben Affleck’s interpretation of the character was that it wasn’t the caped crusader. According to the theory, this character was Deathstroke in disguise. Deathstroke is considered to be one of the most essential enemies that Batman has faced and he is often considered equally skilled. The theory meant that Deathstroke being Batman would have actually paved the way for Christian Bale to return as the real Batman. This would have made Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy canon to the DCEU. Even though the narrative seems far-fetched, there is a way this could have actually worked.


During the development of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the fans developed some of the wildest theories regarding the movie. The theory that Ben Affleck’s Batman was the true Batman and it was instead Slade Wilson was the craziest one. Amongst the strongest reasonings for the theory was the fact that Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman was considered to be rather controversial. According to the narrative of the theory, Slade Wilson would have taken the mantle of Batman following the events of Nolan’s trilogy. Another interesting thing that supported this theory was the line- “Do you bleed?” that Batman utters to Superman. This is quite similar to something that Deathstroke says in the Injustice: Gods Among Us games.


How This Theory Could Have Helped The DCEU

Batfleck has its own fanbase and it is also considered to be the most honest interpretation of the character from the comics. It garnered a whole new level of respect following the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Fans would remember that there was a lot of awful reaction when it was announced that the character would be played by Affleck. If the theory was actually followed then all this negative view in the initial movies could have died out. The character would have had a whole new layer and at the same time, it would have made the casting choice a lot less controversial.


Added to that, the DCEU films had seen a rather poor reception from the critics and that wasn’t really helping. Making Nolan’s Batman Trilogy canon to the DCEU would have made it a lot more interesting. This would have explained how the character had undergone that amount of psychological impact after the events of the trilogy. There is still a chance for this theory to be made canon. That would only be possible if DC and WB decide to open up the concept of the multiverse and build this narrative into the DCEU.

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