4 Secrets That Batman Doesn’t Want You To know

Batman, a superhero who abide by his strict personal codes seems to have everything that a superhero should have. The character is popularly known as the savior of the Gotham City and he makes sure not to let any evil shadow take over the city. He is considered to be a perfect superhero who fight and defeat the characters who are well above him in terms of power. But the truth is that there are several things that he just does not want you to know. Here are the four secrets that you did not know about the Dark Knight:

1) Batman’s ‘sexploits’


There are several sexual-exploit moments that he does not want you to know. In 2016’s Batman: The Killing Joke movie, he spontaneously had sex with Barbara Gordon, the daughter of James Gordon. She is much younger than him. Over and above that, in Bat-man Beyond 2.0, he got Talia al Ghul pregnant.
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2) He had a rainbow costume


He can go to any level to keep his identity unblemished. But, this was way absurd. In 1957’s Detective Comics No. 241, in a story, he gets all his costumes colored in different colors and ended up wearing a full rainbow colored costume.
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3) He killed several people


It seems that he is a perfect epitome of a principle-abiding hero, who give a strong piece of his mind to criminals and don’t kill. But that’s wrong. He has killed countless people over the years. In 1988’s comics Batman 425,  he dropped a stack of junked cars on a drug dealer. In 2007’s All-Star Batman and Robin, he literally pulled a group of ruffians and burnt them in fire using a bottle of bleach.
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4. Batman became Baby Batman


In 1955’s Batman No. 147, the Dark Knight became Baby Batman. During one of the stories, he got turned into a small child, which tagged Bat Baby by some thugs. Despite that, he continued his serious business. Though, he later returned to normal size in the end.

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