7 Movie Heroes Who Spill Blood More Than Villains Do

Heroes are perceived as the symbol of justice and a messiah of humanity, while villains are driven by the evil intentions to take over the world and to treat people like slaves. Action movies are made to glorify the heroes, but sometimes it is hard to digest. So here we bring you seven movie heroes who kill more than the villains do and are not shy of spilling a bucket of blood.

1) John Rambo in “Rambo: First Blood Part II” (1985)


John Rambo is one of the most important aspects of first blood is the fact that Rambo managed to fight off countless enemies without ever directly killing. It’s tough to quantify how many people the villains of the film managed to kill but they can’t compete with Rambo, who nearly killed 60 people.

2) Inspector ‘Tequila’ Yuen in “Hard Boiled” (1992)


Nothing is like a badass man holding a baby in one hand and a shotgun in the other, no seriously that’s how Inspector Tequila appeared on the theatrical poster. Tequila kills over 75 baddies in this film.

3) Bryan Mills in “Taken” franchise (2009-2015)


Bryan Mills is a terrifying killing machine he puts it better than we ever could. He will kill a staggering number of people and scare the shit out of them.

4) Wade Wilson in “Deadpool” (2016)


Decked out in red so no one can see him bleed and hailing from the depths of insanity. It’s the one the only Merc with a mouth of Deadpool. The unholy offspring of Rob Liefeld and a blatant Ripoff of death stroke. Deadpool’s kill count is worrisomely high for a superhero.

5) Mr. Smith in “Shoot Em Up”


He is the only hero to use a carrot with deadly force. This movie comes exactly as advertised and is most trigger-happy “Shoot Em Up” films ever made. Who could forget that sex shootout scene, again endangering the life of a baby inspires over-the-top violence on the part of the hero?

6) Col. John Matrix in “Commando” (1985)


No one brings as much action as John brings in his action flicks in which he kills about hundred people. By using a number of absurdly powerful weapons like an M2, O2, A1 flash rocket launcher he kills literally every man at the villain’s mansion.

7) Beatrix Kiddo in The Bride

We can call her appearance a bit unceremonious because that’s how she fights in one of the scenes slashing the hell out her rogues. She comes out the comma and the one thing she remembers is to take revenge. Well, no one does killing better than Beatrix.

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