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Frank Grillo Confirms DC Role, Rules Out Marvel Return

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Frank Grillo played the role of Brock Rumlow/Crossbones. He has now revealed that he will be joining the DC Universe. In a recent interview with Chris Killian of ComicBook.com, Grillo expressed his displeasure with the way his MCU character had been handled and said that this had led him to choose to work with DC Studios, which is run by James Gunn and Peter Safran. And now Frank Grillo confirms DC role.

Grillo claimed that despite Crossbones having a lot of potential, his story was never really told in the MCU. Crossbones was there for a brief period of time, but according to Grillo, he was supposed to play a bigger part. The character serves a purpose, but there’s more to him than what was depicted on screen, he continued. Grillo thinks that the response from fans to Crossbones demonstrates that the character has more to offer and that the MCU underused him. He decided to use DC because of this.


Recently, there was a rumor that Ron Perlman and Grillo were chosen for DC’s Creature Commandos after they appeared on the red carpet for Shazam! : Fury of the Gods’ premiere. After the film premiered, Grillo shared news articles that covered the premiere to keep the rumors going. The first official publication from the DC Universe is expected to be Creature Commandos, which was created by Jeff Lemire and Ibraim Roberson, though no date has been set for it.


Grillo will play Nina Mazursky in Creature Commandos, a scientist for SdotH. A. D. E. who, after losing her daughter to a terminal illness, founded the Creature Commandos. After the death of her daughter, Mazursky’s marriage and life broke down, and she turned to science as a coping mechanism. The first generation of creatures she produced required confinement in a microscopic jail known as The Zoo because they were unstable. She did, however, go on to produce a second batch of Creature Commandos, which ultimately became the heroes she currently battles alongside.


She was fitted with a special suit and made into an amphibious genius as part of the experiment. Creature Commandos, which is scheduled for release soon, serves as the official introduction to the DC Universe. On July 11, 2025, Superman: Legacy is scheduled to be released in theaters. One Day as a Lion, Grillo’s newest movie, is currently playing in a few theaters and will be available for purchase on all digital platforms starting on April 7.


Fans are eagerly awaiting Grillo’s appearance in Creature Commandos, and it is obvious that he is thrilled about his new position in the DC Universe. The fact that Grillo will be portraying a significant character is reason enough for fans to be excited, regardless of how significant his role will be. It is obvious that Grillo is a gifted actor with a lot to contribute to the superhero genre, and we are excited to see what he does in the DC Universe.


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