Aquaman 2 Could Go in These 6 Great Comic Directions

Aquaman is having a tremendous run at the box office and is also getting a lot of praise and love from the audience and critics too. On top of that, there are chances that the movie can touch the $1 billion mark very soon. So, it’s easy to understand why this movie is getting closer to the talks of a sequel, Aquaman 2 but the question is in which direction the movie will go? In order to bring out all the possibilities in front of you, we dug in deep and here’s what we’ve got:

 1. Orm And Aquaman Could Reunite:

Aquaman 2

We all know that the main reason for the feud between Aquaman and his brother was the death of their beloved mother and we all know that both Orm and Arthur loved her with their heart and soul. Seeing their mother in front of them, right at the end of the movie, hints towards reconciliation between them in Aquaman 2. And we have to say that their friendship can bring new adventures on the big screen and surely the fans will love this aspect of the movie.

 2. Trench Could Be In The Limelight:

Aquaman 2

Trench is one of the deadliest and main villains of the Aquaman’s world and after seeing the deadly Trench in the movie Aquaman, we have to say that they can easily be the antagonists of the movie Aquaman 2 because when their world made its way into the movie Aquaman, there was a huge cheer in every theater in the world. Also, the kingdom of the Trench can be a huge concept for the sequel of the movie because there are a lot of things associated with them in the comics.

 3. Aquaman Could Lose His Hand:

Aquaman 2

Well, this option will come as a surprise for most of the readers out there but the die-hard fans of comic books will agree as it is one of the most famous things about the character of Aquaman. He has been there in the comics without a hand and had a lot of things as a replacement such as magical water hand which he received from the famous Lady of the Lake, golden Atlantean hand, or a mechanical hand.

Aquaman 2

So, these are things which we can expect in the movie Aquaman 2 but maybe this is too soon because the people have started loving Aquaman and having one hand of their superhero ripped apart will be a look they’ll not be able to digest this soon for sure.

 4. Son Of Arthur And Mera:

Aquaman 2

We all have already seen a kind of budding romance between Arthur and Mera and there are chances that we will see both of them having a baby right at the end of the movie Aquaman 2 which will be followed by the story of Arthur Curry Jr. in Aquaman 3 maybe one day.

Aquaman 2

But, there are chances that they’ll introduce the baby in Aquaman 2 and present Black Manta as the main villain as he was the one who talked about redemption in the post-credits of the movie. But, we still aren’t pretty sure whether they’ll bring Arthur Jr. this early or not but with DC, you just never know.

 5. Vulko Could Bring Conflict:

Aquaman 2

We all know that Vulko has lied a lot of times to Orm only in order to bring peace to his beloved nation of Atlantis and has also kept the secret from Arthur Curry quite perfectly while he was preparing him to be the hero he wanted Arthur to be just so Atlantis can come back in a state of peace and happiness.

Aquaman 2

We all know that Arthur Curry doesn’t think too much while doing something and there could be moments when he will go against Atlantis in order to do something for humans and that time Vulko can be the one who can betray Arthur for the betterment of Atlantis or maybe someday he’ll think himself to be the king of Atlantis.

 6. Aqualand Could Come:

Aquaman 2

We all have seen the character Kalur’ahm in the Young Justice League and there are chances that the movie Aquaman 2 could bring that character on the big screen in order bring more tales of the deep world, as bringing characters like King Thar and Queen Beera could really be the thing which will continue the great run of history and visuals in the movie Aquaman 2.

So, these are the things which we think can come in Aquaman 2. But, if you any other ideas then do tell us about that in the comments section down below.

Rishabh Naudiyal

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