Namor vs Aquaman: Who Would Win The Battle Of Underwater Superheroes

Namor vs Aquaman: Battle of the Underwater Superheroes!

One is the king of Atlantis and the other is the submariner, both almost equally skilled in the same ways, but still, there has to be one who wins. Who do you think will win amongst the two? Here we answer this long asked question:


Yeah, we all know he is the king of Atlantis, the Atlantean royalty, Arthur Curry is great when it comes to his physical prowess. He is a great swimmer, duh..meaning he can swim at his top speed till 4 hours straight, has 12 times faster reflexes than a normal human, can jump up to 4 storeys high and can lift great weights, has superhuman strength that is 150 times a normal human, durability and longevity, agility and superhuman healing. Also, he has super speed, is heat resistant and can telepathically talk to aquatic beings and also wields the Trident of Neptune that can even pierce Superman’s skin.


Namor the Submariner has almost the same strengths as Aquaman, be it superhuman strength, reflexes, resistance, endurance or super speed in water apart from all this he has one thing that Aquaman doesn’t have. Flight, yeah the submariner can fly too with the little wings at his feat. He too can talk to aquatic beings telepathically and also copy their powers.

Aquaman VS Namor

Aquaman vs Namor
Aquaman vs Namor

Okay, some ground rules for the fight. The fight won’t take place in water as there it would be a lot of supernatural stuff happening over there plus Aquaman has already beaten Namor there. Namor will undoubtedly take the advantage of his flight and would try to cause Aquaman as much harm as possible from a safe distance as he’s a great tactician, but that’s not what makes a person lose. rather it’s one’s weaknesses such as Namor will get dehydrated faster than Aquaman, also he becomes less powerful when he’s in a polluted place *wut* also, the history has shown time and time again that he’s pretty easy to knock out. Not just that, his oxygen imbalance is something of a problem to him that Aquaman doesn’t face, which states that the two are evenly matched, but Aquaman has more endurance and way more longevity which tells us that he just needs to be on his feet longer than Namor, and the latter will lose eventually.

Verdict: Aquaman will easily beat Namor

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