5 Reasons Why The Punisher TV Series on Netflix is a Masterstroke

Why The Punisher Series is a Masterstroke:

Jorn Bernthal has always expressed his willingness to be part of a standalone original TV series based on the character of Punisher, which he has portrayed in Marvel super-hero TV show “Daredevil”. There was a movie made on the life of Frank Castle titled Punisher: War Zone which couldn’t do justice to the character as it wasn’t well-researched and perceived punisher as some gun-toting mercenary out to create chaos, it’s not as simple as that.

This is the sixth series officially greenlit as part of the collaboration between Marvel and Netflix. As Marvel Cinematic universe expands to 68 characters who are likely to appear in Avengers Infinity Part 1 and 2, every major character is wanting to get more screen time before it becomes outdated.

Here are the reasons why this may be a terrific idea:


Frank Castle/ Punisher is a fan favorite character:

He may not be a major character like Daredevil or Luke Cage in the comic-book universe, but he has always been a huge favorite of comic-book nerds and superhero enthusiasts in general.

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