15 Insane Superpowers of ‘The Flash’ That Arrowverse Fans Have No Idea About

While everyone knows Barry Allen, no one knows what he can do except run really, really fast. Barry Allen is the Fastest Man Alive. But the story doesn’t end there. The TV Show hasn’t given ‘The Flash’ and his vast array of powers enough justice.

Presenting the 15 insane superpowers of the Flash that Arrowverse fans have no idea about….

Speed Speak

Speedsters are not just fast on their legs. They speak so fast that it sounds gibberish to everyone, no matter how much of a good listener you claim to be. Termed Speed Speak, this ability is exclusive to Speed Force users. They can talk so quickly that non-speedsters find it impossible to understand as to what the hell is going on.

Speed up time

When Barry Allen runs, it is almost as if the rest of the World has stopped moving. It is like he can control time, stopping it at his own discretion. But in the comics, this ability is actually there with Barry Allen. While fighting Zoom, who could slow down time to dodge Barry Allen’s attacks, Barry found out that he could do the opposite – speed up time itself.

Create Speed Force constructs

The Speed Force truly is a mysterious force. While fans think that it is only good for helping people run, in reality, it is so much more. Wally West, in the comic books, is a speedster who has much better control of the Speed Force than Barry ever did. Using the Speed Force, Wally created a suit for himself that even helped him run one time when both his legs were broken. Wally West’s costume in the comics is pure speed force energy given physical form.

Infinite Mass Punch

The TV Show did have this ability but it was watered down to grossly detestable levels. Unlike what the show would have you believe, Barry Allen does not need to be 5.3 miles away to do the Infinite Mass Punch. All he needs is a head start. The Infinite Mass Punch is extremely dangerous to use. Remember the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs?? The IMP hits you with a force just as strong. Barry can hit his enemies once or multiple times with IMP within one second. No wonder he uses it so scarcely.

Achieve Light Speed…and Beyond

Einstein’s theory of relativity states that achieving light speed is practically impossible. Clearly, Einstein never met the Flash. The more you use the Speed Force, the Faster you become. The Flash has been using the Speed Force for such a long time that it has practically become a part of him, allowing him to run a million times faster than Light Speed. The Flash is so fast that he has even outrun Death.

Create Wormholes

In the show, it is shown that only Cisco can open wormholes to other dimensions. The Flash can travel into the future but that is not exactly the same. In the comics, The Flash has this skill set too. He can create wormholes to travel to places no man has ever been before. In Forever Evil, Johnny Quick, a Flash doppelganger even used the wormhole creation ability offensively, throwing the Teen Titans far into the future.

Turn Invisible

He runs so fast that he is practically invisible to the naked eye. But that is not true invisibility. Fortunately, the Flash is not devoid of that power too. By vibrating his body so fast that light waves will just pass right through him, Barry Allen can become truly invisible.

Speed Steal

Barry Allen and Wally West regularly go up against speedster foes on a daily basis. More than one time, the Flash finds himself hopelessly outclassed by his opponent. But he has a trick up his sleeve. The Flash can steal the Kinetic energy of objects, both living and non-living, making him faster than ever. He can also lend his speed to his allies if the situation demands it.

Immunity to Telepathy and Mind Control

The Flash doesn’t just run and talk fast, he thinks fast too. Barry Allen can run thousands of scenarios within his mind before choosing the best possible course of action for dispatching his opponent. His brain functions and thought process is so fast they even a powerful telepath like Gorilla Grodd finds it hard to understand. It suggests that his though patterns are moving at such a rapid rate that no mind reading or mind control can read anything from his mind. However, there are some really powerful telepaths like Martian Manhunter who can still pull vague images and also Flash is not immune to psychic blasts so that is how he can be brought down.

Using the Negative Speed Force

Flash Arrowverse

Eobard Thawne is called the Reverse Flash not just for the heck of it. He is actually the polar opposite of the Flash in every way. The Flash uses the Speed Force to run while Thawne uses the Negative Speed Force. The Negative Speed Force is a far more destructive energy pool – it can incinerate bullets, create sped force lightning and destroy everything in its wake when its user starts to run. After Thawne dies in a battle with the Flash, Barry absorbs the Negative Speed Force into his own body, making him twice as deadly.

Inter-dimensional Travel

There are massive side effects of being able to vibrate your body at the molecular level, The Flash is so fast that he can literally slip into other dimensions, other versions of Earth or other realms at the snap of a finger if he is at his prime. For instance, he does not need a breach to be able to travel through time and space, he is totally capable to go to Kara Zor-El’s Earth and return to his in seconds. Well, we would like to see Barry Allen show us these powers in the next mega-crossover on CW.

Rapid Healing

When we talk about healing abilities in superheroes, the first name that comes to your mind is Wolverine but Flash’s metabolism allows his body to heal at a much faster rate, regenerate cells, regrow limbs and repair tissue. It’s not comparable with some of the other superheroes with it is among special abilities for sure.

Change his Voice without technology

flash defeat savitar

The Flash has the ability to control every part of his body, hence he can get it do anything he want and anytime he desires. He can modulate his voice without affecting other parts of the body. This could come in real handy when you are covering tracks of your secret identity. Unlike Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow who sometimes makes it so obvious that it is indeed him in a superhero suit. He needs a sophisticated tech to be able to communicate with his team and hide from CCPD and other vigilantes from tracking him down.

Creation of Speed vortex

We know the basic applications of speed powers and how it works but there are some unexpected powers as well that comes with being the fastest man alive. He can literally mimic birds. He can propel his arms and legs fast enough to create a vortex of air that he can control his superhero landing (in the words of Deadpool). Flash can turn into a dangerous tornado that can level the whole city and crush anyone who dares to come in between to stop it.

Speed Force aura

This is one of the many obscure powers of ‘The Flash’ but he uses it when he is running at unimaginable speeds. Well, if you are traveling at the speed of light and many times beyond to take down an evil speedster, it is a dangerous proposition without any sort of protection, and even the super suit has limitations. But when he creates this aura around his body, it serves as a protective barrier that prevents airborne particulate matter from affecting his metabolism when he is moving at extremely high velocities. It can very well be extended to a person or things he is carrying or rescuing from a crisis situation. It absorbs kinetic energy, siphon it off some of it and provide resistance so that even if he crashes into something it does not kill him.

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