Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cyborg

Cyborg is an amazing character from the DC Comics, he’s come a long way from being a kid in Teen Titans to being there as a founding member of the Justice League. Here are some things you might not know about Cyborg or Vic Stone:

Reluctant To Join Teen Titans

Cyborg was eventually very reluctant to join the Teen Titans. But the only reason why he joined the team was the potential that he found for fitting in. After his father saved him and made him into a cyborg, it was very difficult for him to be accepted by others and by himself because of the way he looked. Here, he found people who looked up to him and also found a girlfriend.

Cyborg and Beast Boy

There is no secret in the friendship of this duo. The friendship of Beast Boy and Cyborg is phenomenal, probably due to the opposite nature that they do, along with a lot of fun that they have. Where Beast Boy is crazy for girls, always joking around and carefree, Cyborg, on the other hand, is brash and stoic. There is a hilarious chemistry to this duo making them a fan favourite.

Founding member Of Justice League

Cyborg is officially been promoted to the official founding member of the Justice League, in the New 52 reboot of the DC universe. There he, alongside Batman Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash can be seen fighting the Darkseid.

Titans Tower

The Titans Tower, which is the lair of the Teen Titans, the multistory state of the art building, with a recreational area, dormitories for the Titans, training area etc. is created by Dr. Silas Stone, Vic Stone’s (Cyborg) father, in his guilt for all the pain and negativity that his son went through after being converted into a Cyborg.

Cyborg Was A Villain

For a brief time, Cyborg was a super villain, during the Technis Imperative, where he fused with a being known as Technics. The fusion eventually goes off and Cyborg becomes planet Cyberion. The Justice League, Young Justice, Teen Titans, JLA Reserves and Titans were all required to stop him.

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