5 Reasons Why Deathstroke Needs A Series of His Own

With his recent appearance in Arrow and the Punisher being filmed, there is a clear demand for Deathstroke to be made into a T.V. Series. Here are some reasons why it should be done as soon as possible:

He’s A Trendsetter

The 90’s was a time of the anti-heroes, be it Blade, Punisher or the Crow, they all were in high demand back then, but then just fizzled out. But there was one who remained, Deathstroke, he’s someone who still is craved for by the fans, and who actually gave the concept for complex characters like the Red Hood. With Punisher coming to TV, there sure is hope for him now.

A Huge Number Of Storylines

Deathstroke has a number of origin stories, and all of them sure are interesting as hell. We have seen some of his origin stories in TV shows such as Arrow and Smallville, but he’s been given pretty less screen time. In order to know more about the character and his family drama, we need a show of his own.

His Skillset

Different TV shows have tried their best to show the physical and mental strength of the antagonist, but have yet shown nothing in comparison to the actual range of his strengths. Be it his physical regenerative capabilities or be it the fact that he can use 90% of his brain, or his super speed and physical prowess, he has a lot that still needs to be catered to the audience.

His Origin Story

People who’ve read the comics know about the character’s story, but the ones relying just on T.V. Shows don’t. Slade got into the army at the age of 16, which he lied about. There he falls in love with a fellow officer and is about to start a family when he’s sent as a reinforcement to the war in Vietnam, where he is thrilled by what he sees, he saves his friend and returns. When back, due to his skills, he’s selected for a Superhuman experiment, and we know what happens next.

The Complexity


Deathstroke is one character who we can say is really complex. He is not always the antagonist, fights off bad guys too. But for sure, he’s never the good guy. An assassin who lives by a code, an honorable mercenary struggling with a dreadful past sure is something that we need to watch on T.V.

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