5 Reasons Why Deadpool 2 Is Going To Be The Best Superhero Film In 2018

Be it DC’s Aquaman or the MCU’s Avengers: Infinity War, no one of the films going to be released in 2018 is even going to come close to the popularity and the fun that we will get in the Deadpool flick. Here are 5 reasons why Deadpool 2 is going to blow our minds:

Cable and Domino

Yeah, Deadpool is keeping its promise of bringing Cable in the second part of the film, he’s going to be a central character in the film. How the film goes about his whole back from the future thing will have to be seen though. Even Domino is going to be in the film, the character’s actual power is ‘luck’, yeah exactly, whatever she wants, the probability of that happening grows tenfold.

Favourites Returning

It’s not all new faces and teams, the cast from the earlier film too is going to be here. Be it Colossus or Negasonic Teenage Warhead, or his love interest, Venessa, who too in the comics becomes a mutant, Copycat. Oh and the best part, Depender, the cabbie too will return.

Superhero Mockery

Deadpool was great when it came to making fun of the superhero culture in general or of specific superheroes. Be it the Superhero Landing joke or him taking on himself about not making his suit Green or animated. The pool will have a lot of heroes to make fun of now as many films would have been released by then. BVS, Wonder Woman, Civil War, Ragnarok, Homecoming, Suicide Squad, GOTG2, Justice League would be some of them.

Focusing On Characters

Deadpool unlike the rest of the superhero flicks was just made in about 58$ million. Rather than him lifting up cities or fighting aliens, he fought a pretty normal foe and the budget and the team was more focused on building story and plot rather than CGI, making the film actually good as it gave characters depth in their stories.

The X-Force Easter Eggs


Comic book fans have already guessed this and are very eager to see this on the big screen. The answer to the ‘What?’ is the ‘X- Force’. It is a team lead by Cable in the comics that take on the bad guys. With Cable and Domino in the film and some news about Ryan Reynold being involved with the writing of the X-Force film, we sure are going to get some easter eggs about the franchise in the film.

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