3 Popular Iron Man-Captain America Fights In MCU

Marvel Comics has always portrayed its characters squabbling and exchanging blows. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are two of the strong alpha males in the comic book history and their appearances and stories have been pretty tight. Rogers spent time on ice for decades and he still carries the feeling of 1945, while Stark’s intelligence always makes him ten years ahead in terms of technology. There have been several stories of two together and one of the epitomes is Civil War – The Confessions. Well, here we bring you four best Captain America-Iron Man fights.

1) Avengers Vol. 1 #4 (1963)


The first ever Captain America-Iron Man face off happened in 1963. As he was rescued and taken out all frozen. All the Avengers: Thor, Iron Man, the Wasp, and Giant-Man questioned this Captain America. As soon as he came out, CA fights with every Avenger including Thor and Tony Stark.

2) Iron Man #127 (1979)

iron man captain america mcu

This time the fight between Steve and Tony is more verbal when Tony’s alcoholism reaches its peak. Steve visits Tony and tries to get a real sense out of him.

“What you’re saying is not new to me, Tony. My father – God rest his soul – was an alcoholic. We tried to help him. But a man has to want to be helped. Let me know when you do.” reported Screen Rant. Being the head of Stark Industries, his alcoholism has long been a problem in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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