5 Reasons to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 7



With its new season, The Vampire Diaries seems to have turned a whole new, exhilarating leaf. With Elena leaving, the show lost one of its crucial plots- the love-triangle, but much to its fans’ delight, the change has elevated the show to a fresher, more dynamic level reminiscent of Season 1 in many ways.

Here’s a pick of the most compelling reasons you should jump on the Season 7 train


The Heretics

Or in simpler terms, vampire-witch abominations. Having been locked up and desiccating in a prison world for a around a century or so, they’re polite yet sadistic, sarcastic and strangers to the marvels that are cellphones, Google Maps and Candy Crush. With stories just as exciting and unique as themselves, their introduction has provided the show a breath of fresh air.

This season gave this slowly-growing fandom and its shippers much to rejoice over! However, in typical TVD fashion, the trouble has only begun for them, especially with Valerie (the-heretic-a.k.a-Stefan’s-first-love) and the baby Gemini twins in the picture. Nevertheless, their healthy dynamic and chemistry is a good reason to tune in every week for the romantics.
Brother bonding

The writers have stated time and again that the most beautiful relationship on the show is that between Stefan and Damon and with Elena gone, this season has been a testament to that and will continue to be, from the looks of it.


The Phoenix Stone


TVD has had more than its fair share of stones and ancient relics. What makes this any different? This ravishingly red stone muddles in themes of necromancy and resurrection that haven’t been explored on this show yet. Given that everyone who’s been brought back has either a)turned crazy, b) died or c)both, what happens of those who survived is a burning question.


The flash forwards

The most mind-boggling plot twist of all has probably been the dual timeframe. Stefan being hunted by a mysterious crossbow-wielding woman, Damon desiccating in a coffin, Bonnie and Enzo together, Caroline and Alaric engaged: it is safe to say viewers are very curious as to how things ended up the way they did.

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