10 Times When Bizzare Storylines Made Great MCU Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become so large that it is becoming increasingly harder to remember the roots of the content. We see so many live-action superheroes nowadays that we forget that superheroes are actually fiction from comic books. They are not real but very absurd and mostly larger than life. In this spirit, we have collected 10 times when Bizzare Storylines made Great MCU Movies.

What do we mean by Bizzare, you ask? Well, comics can be pretty extreme, while extreme is good in certain cases, in others it can lead to strange results. This list will attempt to Collate such storylines from the comics. Take a look:


Planet Hulk

Bizzare Storylines Made Great MCU Movies

This is the famous story from comics where Hulk is stranded on Sakaar and far from earth. Here he finds a strange home in between the inhabitants and becomes their champion after some intense arena battles. This story formed the base of Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok. Most of the comic story was adopted but some of it was abandoned in favor of improvisation. However, the fan-favorite World War Hulk comic was never adopted into a movie.


Civil War

The original Civil War comic revolved around a superhero registration act. The government told the Marvel heroes that they must disclose their secret identity to the government and this would form part of their official record. Most of the superheroes thought that this would put them and their families in danger as the reason they donned the mask was to keep their superhero antics and their personal life separate. Soon, Captain America takes a stand against the act while Iron Man supports it. The other heroes take sides and a literal Civil War ensues. This was adapted to be the end of Captain America’s trilogy but the movie focused more on the connection between Tony and The Winter Soldier.


The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians is a very weird group of people. They are the survivors, each in their own special way. Drax has reached a point where he has nothing but hate for the mad titan and in this rage, he has fought battles that no one else could survive. The whole group is peculiar, I mean they have a talking raccoon and a sentient tree for God’s sake. Needless to say, the team was not very famous in the comics until they became a part of the marvel cinematic universe, and as everyone expected, Groot stole the show.


Dimensional rifts

The MCU is very careful with wacky content, they have often been accused of using the surreal to substitute the feasible. But they have always done it with a certain flair. Take Doctor Strange for example. It is a movie about different dimensions and such. It should not work how well it does, but it does because the content is treated as, a given truth, which means that it is very easy to grasp and accept. After all, we see the protagonist go through the same shock.



Bizzare Storylines Made Great MCU Movies

Loki was an interesting ride, to say the least. We never did expect the people at marvel studios to take the concept this far ahead. We expected time variance and different timelines, but the creative heads pushed the multiverse onto us like an unwelcome house guest. Then we found out that there are variants and suddenly we had a whole group of different Loki(s)  mucking about in the show. Suffice to say, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we want more of it.


Secret Invasion

A very common trope in Marvel Comics is blaming everything on the Skrulls in the end. I mean when you look at shape-shifting aliens you would also consider them a threat, am I right? So it is not surprising that this story also made it into the MCU, for all of its realism, at heart MCU is still Marvel. No marvel is complete without a secret invasion. Although, in the MCU it only worked because of expectation subversion. No one expected the Skrulls to be the good guys.


Wanda’s Vision

WandaVision was weird, to say the least. The show started as an old-school sitcom. It almost felt like the start of Saints Row IV where we are stuck in a simulation. Vision is dead in mainline MCU and yet he was here, plain for us to see and enjoy. Present for Wanda to love, what was even more peculiar was the family that they had together. The children of WandaVision were a wonderful sight for fans of the couple, albeit weird and unexpected.


Mysterio’s illusions

When Spider-Man came to the silver screen, I was sure that we would never see Mysterio adapted into the movies. Yet, marvel decided that I was completely mistaken in my analysis because they used Mysterio as the main villain of Far for Home and created a beautiful film with the character. His illusions are not a threat and involve a lot of work, we thought that they could never fool superheroes but they did, and that is what still surprises us.



Marvel What if…? Episode 1 was quite unexpected. The entire show is built on conjecture and is a more intense version of The First Avenger if Peggy Carter was a total badass. What was strange about the show however was the fact that marvel studios managed to shove an inter-dimensional super being into the mix. The octopus at the end of the show from the tesseract is actually Shuma-Gorath from Marvel Comics. Not your average comic character, if you ask me.



The concept of ego is not rooted in psychology in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the world of comics Ego is a living planet. It was one of the first beings of the universe who started as a tiny rock but built himself into a living consciousness with immense power. The character was never supposed to work in the MCU but we are kind of glad he did.

Do you agree with the fact that these Bizzare Storylines Made Great MCU Movies? Let us know.

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