4 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy To Feel Like Tony Stark

Tony Stark, also dubbed as Iron Man is a perfect epitome of technological intelligence in the comic book world. He is one of the exceptional players in comic book universe and cinematic universe. Also one of the inceptors of Stark Industries, Stark is known for his high-tech weapon production and the most popular Iron Man suit, which is the brainchild of none other than Tony. Well, it is impossible to live like Tony Stark and use gadgets like him. But, at least you can feel like him. Here, we are counting down on four gadgets that will make you feel like Tony Stark.

1) Get Amazon Echo to feel like Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S


JARVIS is a highly advanced computerized assistant made by Tony Stark, which help him manage Stark’s life, anything related to technology and the security of his house. Although, you can’t find JARVIS in the market, but Amazon Echo can fill this void without compromising your desire. The voice-activated personal assistant, which can help you stay organized and reminds of any event scheduled. Moreover, it keeps updating about the latest weather update. You can control your home lights and turn on your other appliances.

2) LED T-Shirt by Stark Industries


Tony Stark’s arc reactor is Iron Man’s lifeline and he can’t live without it. He is often seen wearing a T-shirt with arc reactor glowing through it. Well, this T-Shirt offers you the same feeling when you are home. This polyester-cotton T-Shirt has led lights in the circular shape resembling the style like Stark.

3) Potato Gun Cannon


In one of the scenes in Iron Man 3, Tony Stark takes shelter in a garage that’s when a boy called Harley turns up with a potato gun to threaten him. But after knowing what Tony Stark is, he teams up with him. In one end scenes of the movie, the boy finds out that the garage is filled him high-tech machines and gadgets. This Urban Warrior potato gun shoots up an 18-inch long fire, which is propelled through the barrel using aerosol propellant.

4) Camera Drone with LED Lights

tony stark gadgets

Tony Stark’s armor can be controlled by an operator, the way Ivan Vanko did it in Iron Man 2. Well, you won’t the find the same suit for sale in the market, but you can control this pretty cool LED-Light drone.

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