10 Superheroes and Villains Who Have Different Powers In Comics and Movies

This is the era of a Superhero Cinema and is probably the best time to be watching movies and TV shows if you are a big fan of the Superheroes genre. These days so many Superhero related stuff is either being aired on TV or released as movies. So, there have been a number of portrayals of so many different characters, out of which some are liked by the fans while others are not. These portrayals are sometimes really accurate to the comics, while sometimes they are altered a bit to fit into the movie or show. Here is a list of Superheroes/Villains whose powers were changed.

Doctor Doom (2005 & 2015) 

Fox has tried to portray the iconic Marvel villain twice and has failed both attempts. The reason was that they did not stay true the comics with the character. The first iteration of the character had electric powers which the comic version never had. The second version was even crappier as they added a bunch of new powers like telekinesis and control over a Planet’s elements along with looking like shit. All this was never there in the comics.

Kitty Pryde (Days of future past) 

In the movie, Kitty is able to send the future mind of others into their past self and she does that to Wolverine. Whereas in the comics, she only has her phase shifting powers and nothing else. It was actually Rachel Summers who sent Kitty’s mind to her past self, but in the movie, Kitty replaced Rachel and Wolverine replaced Kitty.

Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) 

In order to humanize the character and make him more believable for real life, Christopher Nolan had altered Bane quite a bit as his Trilogy was based upon grounding Batman to real life level. In the comics, Bane was chosen to be a test subject for Venom, a highly-addictive steroid-like drug that would massively increase muscle growth and durability to the user. Bane survived the tests but must take the drug every 12 hours to survive. The movie showed Bane to be a normal human.

Juggernaut (X-Men The Last Stand)

In the third X-men outing, Juggernaut finally got to appear for the first time in a movie and the character was literally hated as he was depicted as a mutant who becomes unstoppable when gaining momentum. Whereas in the comics he was never a mutant, Cain Marko, the step-brother of Charles Xavier suffered an incident on a military op. He found a gem containing the spirit of the entity known as Cyttorak. After reading an inscription, Marko was granted the powers of Cyttorak, becoming a human Juggernaut with super strength, a mystic force field, and unstoppable momentum.

Colossus (Deadpool) 

Colossus was never given proper screen time or anything significant to do in the movies prior to Deadpool. While in Deadpool, he got his original Russian accent and became the big metal man from the comics. We saw him in the metal form throughout the movie, but in the comics, he is able to turn his metallic armor on and off.

The Atom (Arrowverse) 

Ray Palmer’s ability to shrink down to a very small size in Arrowverse was the only thing that was similar to the comics. Rest, Palmer’s Atom suit was kinda turned into the Iron Man suit in the Arrowverse, allowing him to fly and shoot lasers and stuff. Instead in the comics, Ray only had a belt that enabled him to shrink.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Deadpool) 

Deadpool picked up an unknown character, changed her powers and made her into a 100% more likable character. In the comics, Negasonic can alter reality and will to whatever she wants into existence, the ‘Deadpool’ version of the character has powers much more fitting to her name.

Scarlet Witch 

In the comics, Scarlet Witch is a mutant who has the ability to alter reality and probability through the use of chaos magic. While in the MCU, she was a human who was experimented upon and got her powers through an Infinity Stone. The movie version possesses telekinesis, telepathy, hypnosis and energy projection.

Deadpool (X-Men Origins Wolverine)

Deadpool’s portrayal in the first Wolverine movie was the worst thing that a character could ever suffer in its portrayal. Fans hated it as Deadpool’s abilities were totally changed. He is famous for running his mouth which was sewed shut, Adamantium Swords came out of his body and he got the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes. Thankfully, ‘Deadpool’ movie solved everything.

MCU Captain America          

When Steve Rogers was experimented upon during the Super Soldier program, he became the world’s first super soldier, capable of feats of peak human physicality. Well, the movie version is portrayed to be a lot stronger than his Comics counterpart. This Captain America is capable of truly incredible feats, like holding down a helicopter with his bare hands. He’s always been superhuman, but not to that level!

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