4 Unbelievable Things happened with DEADPOOL during Weapon X

The Weapon X program brought a hope to our Merc with The Mouth, Wade Wilson, also dubbed as Deadpool, when he was in Canada. He was introduced to the Department K, who was responsible for the program. Wilson was treated as the test subject for the program and things drastically changed in his life after that. As he was suffering from cancer, with the help of the program, his cancer was temporarily seized from the healing agent derived from Wolverine. Since there are so many things to talk about, we bring you four major Deadpool instances happened during the Weapon X program.

Wade Wilson killed his teammate

Wade Wilson has been an active part of the Weapon X, where he killed his teammate Slayback, as he suffered from the destabilization of the healing factor that affected his flesh. Watching his insanity, Wilson was rejected from the program was sent to a government facility, Hospice, which treated the failed superhero mutants.

Wade Wilson falls in love with a cosmic being

You know how insane he is and this time he falls in love with a cosmic being, Death, which was considered as a person with the same spirit. He did something really weird to meet Death. He actually tries to kill himself, later hitting taunts on Ajax, calling his real name. Ultimately, Wilson ends up killing Worm.

Ajax tears Wade Wilson’s heart

Under the surveillance of Dr. Emrys Killebrew, a geneticist who worked for Weapon X, if any patient killed another one would be executed right away. Ajax, the former enforcer at Doctor Killebrew’s laboratory, literally slashed Deadpool’s heart and left him dead. But then Wilson started healing after due to his strong healing factor.

Deadpool escapes the facility

weapon x

After the healing, Deadpool attacks the guards of the facility and escape from it. Meanwhile, he shoots Ajax and leaves him dead. Ultimately, he leaves Hospice with other patients.

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