Here’s The Problem With The Missing Iron Man And Gamora Episode

Marvel has scored a major point amongst the fans of the franchise with the Disney Plus series What If…?. The series finale gave us one of the most interesting narratives as it picked from all the previous episodes. There was a fight between the Guardians of the Multiverse with Ultron that left us wondering how the second Season might be able to top that. The series explored some of the major possibilities in the narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans are also wondering what else could the second season explore to surprise us. The finale was definitely a culmination of every event that was explored in the first eight episodes. But one narrative in the episode was not explored before in a previous episode. The missing Iron Man and Gamora episode of What If…? has been pushed to the second season, and this might create a big problem in season 2.

What If…? might have given us one of the most interesting moments in the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the multiversal battle in the finale. The standalone stories are all put together so that they can battle out an Ultron that wields Infinity Stones. Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher puts together a team of all these characters in order to save the Multiverse from the threat that this Ultron gives to the world.  Doctor Strange Supreme, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, helps the Watcher in putting the team of himself, Captain Carter, voiced by Hayley Atwell, T’Challa’s Star-Lord, voiced by Chadwick Boseman, King Killmonger, voiced by Michael B. Jordan, and Party Thor, voiced by Chris Hemsworth together. 


The Arcs Of The Characters

Each of these characters is given a storyline which gives us a clear idea of how these characters work and what drives their characters. This was rather important as it gave us an idea of how they will behave once they are put together. But the storyline of Gamora and Iron Man is not even touched upon. Each character is recruited in a scene that gives us a hint of the original storyline of the characters. We get to see that Iron Man and Gamora were in Nidavellir when the latter was recruited for the team. The Watcher specifically mentions that he doesn’t require Iron Man for the team and he only needs Gamora.


The Missing Of Iron Man And Gamora Episode

Iron Man And Gamora Episode

This makes us wonder regarding this storyline as it hasn’t been tackled before in the entire series. It is rather amazing to think how Iron Man and Gamora came together or even got to meet each other. Plus another interesting thought comes from what might be the reason behind Iron Man of this universe not getting recruited. The episode based on this storyline was pushed to Season 2 after the COVID-19 pandemic affected working on the show. That keeps us excited as we wonder what we will get to see from the episode now that we have some idea regarding how Gamora turned out in the finale. Bu this might actually end up being a problem for the narrative of Season 2 itself.


How Can This Affect Season 2?

The idea of the series having rather unexpected storylines is somewhat affected by the idea that we know about some of the major pointers the episode that is pushed to the second Season might explore. The creators of the show have been vocal about how the second season will feature essential narratives that will include events from Phase 4. This would be rather interesting as we might get to see storylines from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals. They might drop the Iron Man and Gamora narrative entirely as we can assume that it is another one of the narratives from the endless possibilities of What If…?.


Iron Man And Gamora Episode

Fans are actually excited to see what happens in the episode as it might be quite a thrill. One of the reasons behind this has to be the fact that Iron Man doesn’t die here as he was killed in every other episode he appeared in. Plus the finale showed us that Gamora had quite a few weapons that are linked to Infinity Stones and it would be interesting to see how they came to be.

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