CW Mega Crossover: 5 Amazing Scenes That Totally Nailed It

It’s only recently that Stephen Amell shared a picture on his Instagram page which shows the boots of Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Atom and White Canary, and he wrote: “Coming Soon.” Marc Guggenheim (the executive producer) said about the CW crossover event – “It’s going to be an external threat that will involve Supergirl coming over to the Flash, then Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.” Well, it’s finally here in its full avatar in the Flash latest episode titled “Invasion” after it was officially kicked off in Supergirl.

It is based on the comic-book storyline of Super Friends coming together to fight the Dominators, a technologically advanced alien race hell bent on destroying the potential threat of Earth’s meta-humans.  Here’re the top 5 most shocking/delightful moments from the part 2 of the CW crossover:

Heatwave – Supergirl Moment:


It was a hilarious moment when Supergirl asks Rori – why are you known as Heatwave, he replies he burned his family alive, and he likes to light stuff on fire. Then Rori says to Kara “I am not going to say Supergirl as it’s just stupid, Kara won’t work out either. I will call you Skirt”.

Oliver-Barry Spilling Beans:


Barry Allen took Oliver inside the secret lair of Star Labs that he discovered in the debut season and showed him the news report dated April 25, 2024 “Flash missing, Vanishes in crisis.” It was earlier written by Iris West Allen, now by someone else. Oliver told Barry how helpless he felt when his father sacrificed himself to save him and Slade Wilson stabbed his mom in front of him.

Supergirl-Oliver Cold Vibe:


The show-makers revealed that Supergirl lives on Earth 38, Cisco & Barry opened a portal and asked Supergirl for help as the enemy is an alien force. But Green Arrow doesn’t trust her, unlike Flash who partnered with her before to take down Livewire and Silver Banshee.

Prof. Stein & Jackson shares the futuristic message with the Flash:


Martin & Stein shared a message of future Flash with Barry Allen who is urging Captain Hunter not to trust him as he has messed up the timeline and things have spiraled out of control.

Flash & Arrow against everyone:

cw Mega crossover

Except Flash & Arrow, everyone who went to take down Dominators fell into the trap and got mind-controlled. Now, Flash & Arrow are up against the center roster of powered people. Believe it or not, they were saved by Kid Flash who then got hammered by Supergirl. In the end, Flash managed to destroy the mind-control source of dominators.

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