20 Avengers Infinity War Mistakes We Bet You Didn’t Notice

Over the long course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen a large number of movies come out. Some of these were beautiful masterpieces of story and action, others were pure garbage full of plot holes and mistakes that made even the most loyal fans cringe with distaste. The Marvel franchise is now a Goliath in the industry but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. The culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Avengers Infinity War. More than 40 characters from all over the Marvel franchise came together to fight against the might of the Mad Titan. But the modus operandi of the Avengers was not without defects. So here are 20 mistakes the Avengers made in Infinity War.

SPIDER-MAN hitching that rides

Out of all the orders that Spider-Man aka Peter Parker could have it owed, this one was probably the worse. The wall-crawler chose to go against the instructions of his mentor when he hitched a ride that was carrying Doctor Strange to Titan. Peter knew that he had no chance against maw. The power of the general to Mad Titan is substantial and you get to see it in full display when maw takes on Doctor Strange and Spider-Man in the fight scene of Infinity War. The world eater and member of the Black Order has a lot of firepowers, so much so that he enslaved the sorcerer supreme and going up against him by attaching yourself to the outside of an interstellar vehicle without any backup is not the wisest of plans.

Doctor Strange forgot how to teleport

I’m not saying that the sorcerer supreme held back or anything. I’m just saying that the man had perfect opportunities during the action sequences to change the tide in his favor whenever he wanted to. The entire premise of the division of the earth’s mightiest heroes started when we saw ebony maw come for the time stone around Doctor Strange’s neck. A lot of the fiasco could have been avoided if Doctor Steven Strange would have been a little more aware.

Hulk becoming a scaredy cat

Now here are two aspects to this mistake and e fandom is divided about this one. A part of the fans believes that the hulk incidents in Infinity War are the set up for a bigger pay off that we will experience in Avengers 4. Some sort of subplot for the hulk where Banner and ‘the other guy’ finally team up and we may see Professor hulk storyline come to life. The other section is the one that just likes to criticise the fact that there was a lack of hulk action in the movie considering that the character has been a favorite in almost every movie he has ever appeared.

Loki’s frontal attack On Thanos

This was just bad writing, that’s what I blame it on. Avengers straight up just handed over two stones to Thanos. It was right in front of the God of Thunder that his brother gives up the tesseract and the space stone to the Mad Titan. What he does try is a frontal attack on Thanos. Apart from the fact that you’re attacking the most powerful warrior and tyrant in the universe who has just powered up by acquiring two ancient artifact, since when does Loki attack people head one. And why was there no secret technique or Loki illusions involved, wouldn’t they have given the God of mischief a better chance against Thanos.

Gamora’s secret knowledge of the soul stone

Gamora has always been sort of the wild card when it comes to the Guardians of the Galaxy, I mean don’t get me wrong, the woman is highly agile, lethal and effective. She strikes with deadly force and has a high level of intelligence so she strategizes well. Well, this was not the Gamora that we saw in Infinity War. It was utterly ridiculous that Gamora possessed secret knowledge of the soul stone’s resting place when she knew that it would be the only thing that Thanos would need to fulfill his will. Gamora could have easily wiped her own memory or asked someone to take the soul stone and hide it somewhere away from her knowledge. She should’ve known that Thanos would’ve known exactly how to torture the information out of her, after all he was the one who raised her.

Lack of rhinos

The final battle sequence in the Black Panther movie has a callback to a classic scene from the Black Panther comics. I’m talking about the rhino fight scene between T’Challa and vibranium clad rhinos at the end of Black Panther. Although the rhinos wreaked havoc to the mass armies and small fry in Black Panther, they were nowhere to be seen when the Infinity War came about. Look, I’m no strategist, but wouldn’t a bunch of rhinos be great during a battle with a rampant alien horde.

Mantis revealing the death of Gamora to Star-Lord


Poor Peter Quill. The man lost his mother when he was a child. He had to kill his father because ego wanted to turn Quill into a weapon. Then he lost e Woman he fell in love with. But that’s not the worst part, no sir, not by a long shot. The worst part is that he foiled the plans of Avengers when he hit Thanos and helped him regain his sense. That’s when Peter Quill doomed the entire universe or rather half of it. But was it Star-Lord’s fault? Not at all, it was the mantis who was at fault here because she revealed Gamora’s fate at the most inopportune moment.

Not aiding Navellier / stopping Gauntlet’s creation

The infinity gauntlet has a very murky origin in the Marvel cinematic universe, not only is the gauntlet present in the treasure room of Odin when the MCU first started, it also had all of the infinity gems, which is just completely bonkers. This one was determined to be fake by Hela but then Odin made anger mistake when he chose not to stop the creation of the real thing. The forge of Dwarves was under the protection of Asgard. Nidavellir was supposed to be protected, but the Gods failed in their duty and the universe suffered.

Gamora asking Quill to kill her

Being the only thing that stands in the way of a Mad Titan he’ll bent on destruction and the obliteration of half of all life in creation is not a place I’d like to be. Such knowledge is dangerous. You should consider taking such knowledge to your grave. Whatever course of action you choose, but asking the person who loves you more than life itself to kill you if you’re captured is probably the dumbest plan you can come up with. If anything Gamora should’ve realised that in a situation like this Peter was the least likely person to pull the trigger. He was not capable of killing the woman he loved, no matter how hard he tried or what the fans like to believe.

Thor should’ve gone for Thanos’ hand

In the grand climax of Avengers Infinity War, we see Thor leap for Thanos with all his newfound kingly God of Thunder powers. He has the power of the bifrost on his command and the Stormbreaker in his hand. The axe is powerful enough to channel all of Thor’s mighty powers and maybe even some kind of cosmic force (much like the Thorforce from the King Thor Comics). Thor is arguably powerful enough to challenge an infinity gauntlet wearing Thanos, but the problem was that Thor chose to target the chest of Thanos rather than his head or hand. The hand would’ve been a better option, rendering the Mad Titan without the infinity gauntlet, and his newly found cosmic powers. This could’ve been helpful in defeating the insanely strong antagonist.

Guardians going for the aether

When you have a woman on your hands who is the last piece of the puzzle for an enraged cosmic tyrant whose hell bent on killing half the universe, you do not. I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT HEAD TO THE PLACE THAT THIS TYRANT WOULD SHOW UP. Taking Gamora directly to Thanos was , arguably, the dumbest move that the guardians pulled off in Avengers Infinity War. It was utterly stupid and baseless. Gamora’s wrath was misplaced and baseless, her claim to kill Thanos was without a doubt the craziest scheme she’s ever concocted. The result of this foolishness? The wipeout of more than half the universe.

Why was she up there all this time?

Scarlet Witch is arguably one of the more stronger Avengers. You know all those illusions that Thanos pulls of with the Reality stone and the infinity gauntlet, scarlet witch can do all of that without any cosmic level ancient artifacts. The scarlet witch is capable of annihilating entire armies on a whim. She can trap cosmic beings in eternal loops of illusions that they can never hope to overcome. But the Avengers, for some amazing reason, choose to underuse and isolate the witch, standing as a contingency over the vision. The good plan doesn’t work. You see, if you put a tank in a room you can’t expect it to idly stand by as its comrades are run over. Maybe that is exactly what the black order wanted when the scarlet witch finally landed mid-battle to aid the Avengers.

Gamora getting close to Thanos

What do you do if you have the most important piece of information in all of the universe and a tyrant is hunting you. You run away in the opposite direction as fast as you can. You do not stop running unless you reach the very end of the universe and then you hide and you pray that the Titan never finds you, because if he does it’s the end of creation and life as we know it. That is exactly what the Guardians and Gamora should’ve done in Infinity War. They should’ve not taken their asset right to the creature who was going to make the worst possible use of that information. It was a strategic nightmare, dropping Gamora right in the hands of the tyrant.

Valuing vision’s life over all of the universes

Now I stand by the captain. We don’t leave a man behind. And we don’t trade lives. Not one life for another, Never. But the problem here is that it is not one life for another. Although vision is alive, much like all of us, the fact remains that he is still an android and he is just one being in this beautiful Marvel of creation we call the universe. That life is literally inconsequential when put against the infinity of creatures that exist as half of the universe that was evaporated at the end of Infinity War. Now, we all knew that the snap would happen. I mean it was such an iconic moment in the comics, how could it not be played on screen. But you should never, I repeat never, put the life of one man/android against the life of millions. Because the death of one man is something you can deal with, however, the death of half of all life is not on the table, it is simply too much for one person or team to bear.

Taking the battle to Thanos

Alright, I’ll be the first one to admit, it was Blatantly stupid of the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes to split up there forces when they knew that a Mad tyrant like Thanos was coming for their home. I mean the concept of home ground advantage exists for a reason, right? It exists because it works. You do realize that the entire premise of Infinity War was the Marvel cinematic universe heroes taking in the Mad Titan. But the catch was that the Mad Titan was going to possess the infinity gems and to oppose that the earth’s mightiest heroes had to combine their might, not split it. It was utterly stupid to divide your might when you’re fighting a being like Thanos.

Star-Lord ruining the entire plan

I understand that you were a lonely child. I also understand that you’ve only now found out that the women you fell in love with is now dead, killed by his foster parent. I also concur to the anger you feel. But that anger cannot be the reason to completely ignore the plan of action that your teammates have concocted to save the universe. I mean, it’s the fracking universe on the line, will you please get your shit together. Geez, I mean goddamnit man, it’s Thanos and he’s being barely kept docile with 5 superheroes clinging to him, why would you choose to consciously disrupt the delicate balance that your teammates have achieved after such a hard-fought battle. And that’s not the end, by disturbing the trap you also give the villain the chance to completely resist your barely held together plan. Bad call, Quill, Bad call.

Doctor Strange’s Ineffectiveness

Let me just put this out there so all Marvel cinematic universe fans can see it. Doctor Strange is the protector of our realm and this plane of existence. He is the sorcerer supreme and the guardian of the time stone. He has infinite power and he can challenge Gods at a whim. His powers know no bounds. The man is capable of drawing immense power from various sources and has the IQ of a genius so he strategizes like a dream. It is often that when push comes to shove it is Steven Strange who saves the Avengers. But all of this seems to disappear in the Marvel cinematic universe version of him. The character was rather useless in combat when it came to Infinity War. Although he did provide support to his other heroes and acted as bait for Thanos, But he could’ve done so much more and should’ve accomplished so much more.

Loki and Thor Did not use the space stone

The start of Avengers Infinity War picks up from where the third Thor movie left of. With Thanos’ ship arriving in front of the refugee vessel that left Asgard at the end of the final fight in Asgard. We expected carnage and we knew that Loki swiped the tesseract from the Asgardian vault before the realm was destroyed. However, the only problem here is that Loki knew that they had the space stone even though Thor did not. Even if that contingency existed I’m pretty sure that Loki knew Thanos’s ship when he first saw it. The problem is why did the God of mischief not use the space stone at that exact moment to escape the clutches of Thanos. Rather than doing that they take on the might of the Mad Titan head on and loose and then handed over the stone to Thanos. How naïve and unresourceful.

Letting Thanos get this far in the first place

The start of Infinity War was rather a erupt. I get how the directors and a lot of story to go through and a lot of events to establish before the credits rolled. But do you honestly want us to believe that the team of super-powered beings that have literally been operating for the sole reason of protecting the universe chose to willfully ignore the presence of the most apparent threat? That Gamora never once thought o mention it to the guardians what his father was actually after. It was all a pretty hard sell considering that Thanos already possessed two infinity gems at the start of the movie. It was a fixed fight, not because the Mad Titan had a head start but because our heroes were too lazy to see it.

Petty team disconnect

Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War was a lot of things but it was not a team up movie,  it by a long shot. The writers desperately tried to bring back the success formula of the first Avengers movie by showcasing some disconnect between team members in Infinity War but the only thing it accomplished was watering down the characters and also undermining the plot. The entire thing was built on shaky premises as it is, and to add petty discord into the equation was an utter disaster. I get the need for humor. I get it. The movie needs to be targeted at a wider audience than just comic nerds but will you please stop not portraying these superheroes as rational adults who put their differences aside so that they can focus on SAVING THE FRACKING UNIVERSE FROM EXTINCTION.

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