5 Weaknesses of Superman You Probably Don’t Know About

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, also dubbed as Clark Kent, Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938. And since then he is one of the strongest DC players who has been massively contributing in the comic book world. Also termed as the symbol of justice and truthfulness, he is known for his strong range of powers from telepathy to a strong X-Ray vision. But since we know his ass-kicking personality, he is vulnerable to several things that you probably don’t know. Check out five weaknesses of Superman you probably had no idea about!

Lois Lane

Weaknesses of Superman

When battling against evil, one thing that pisses off superheroes’ mind is when love come in their way. Not only human, superheroes are often distracted by the love interests. And Superman is not an exception here.

Nuclear attacks

Weaknesses of Superman

Superman can resist all kinds of power blast and attacks by his rogues, but he is purely vulnerable to nuclear attacks. There have been several occasion that he is affected by the nuclear radiation and blast. However, they normally just harm him and causes some serious damage. But it is still unknown whether excessive exposure to nuclear blast can kill him or not.


Weaknesses of Superman

Superman is known to have enhanced hearing powers and he can figure out any sound from very far, from hearing conversation from across planets. That’s huge. Since he uses his hearing power for noble endeavors, he is vulnerable to certain frequencies that can make his years ring so hard.


Weaknesses of Superman

Depending on his different incarnations, Superman is also susceptible to electricity shocks. At one instance, Live Wire and Conduit used electricity to weaken Superman in the fight. No only them, Toyman also used this power to destroy Superman.

Red Sun Radiation

5 Weaknesses of Superman
Weaknesses of Superman

Superman is highly vulnerable to red sun rays. Being a Kryptonian, red sunray weakens him and make his lose his powers.

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