5 Powerful Marvel Supervillains Who Have MAGIC As Their Superpower

Marvel universe is driven by several superpowers and one of the major ones is Magic. From Power Cosmic to the technology used by the superheroes, it has been used to incredible limits. In Marvel, you don’t need superpower like Galactus to learn anything. Well, magic is not an easy piece of cake to have, it is heavily guarded against the evils. With supervillains going berserk in the Marvel world, we bring you five greatest super villains who used magic as their superpower.


The leader of  Dark Elves of Svartalfheim is one of the adversaries of Thor and Asgard. One of the super villains of Marvel is blessed with teleportation to great distances and can magically transform his body’s shape in any form. He is vulnerable to iron, which prevents him from using the magic.


Also dubbed as Amora, she is a character with multiple personalities. She mad her first appearance in Strange Adventures #187 (April 1966). At one time she always wants to kill Thor, but in the next moment, she likes to sleep with him. She is one of the strongest and magically blessed Asgardians. Amora is blessed with the magic of seduction. Her single kiss can make men completely surrender to her company. One kiss and she can possess superpowers of the various superheroes.



The master manipulator with strategist superhuman strength, the God of Mischief, Loki got his magic powers after some expert sorcerers from the Asgards. When amplified by his nature, he possessed a strong range of magical superpowers. Due to his illusion-based magic, he can make anything look different from its original forms. But despite all of that he is always losing things.

Doctor Doom


Doctor Doom is popular known for his technical intelligence, for example, his army of Doombots. Under his car metal costume, he is incredibly blessed with arcane knowledge, which is used to solve problems. His incredibly vast magical powers can suppress his opponents easily. Moreover, being a sorcerer is an added reason why he is one of the strongest super villains of Marvel universe.


superpowerSelene first appeared in New Mutants (v1) #9 in November 1983. She is more of mental player. Being a psychic vampire she can suck the life of the living beings. Moreover, she posses Super Strength, telepathy power, and Telekinesis

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